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Personality Types

Extroversion versus Introversion

An introvert and an extrovert both present at an event for 1,000 people;

Before the presentation, they are both nervous

- the introvert goes quiet - sits in a corner and goes into their comfort zone, their inner world

- the extrovert finds a group of people to talk to and goes to their comfort zone, their external world

They both deliver their presentations and are both relieved that they both did well and both got a standing ovation

- the introvert feels quietly elated but also tired - they have a quiet drink with a close friend and sneak out to leave early, happy at a good nights work but the high energy in the room makes them weary

- the extrovert feels elated, the energy of the room is giving them a high as good as any drugs - they chat and talk to everyone getting more and more energised with the people around them

- the extrovert receives a compliment and blushes

- the introvert receives a compliment and blushes

Extroverts do get nervous, extroverts can be shy - my stepson's girlfriend is an extrovert she gets her energy from the external world but is also painfully shy - her shyness manifests in talking non-stop and quicker and quicker - it’s her natural defense when nervous

Introverts can be confident and their need to think before responding properly misinterpret as being shy.

Extroverts get their energy from the external world

Introverts get their energy from their internal world

I wrote the above in the Psychologies Life Leap Club as I'd just read another article where people were getting the difference between extroversion and introversion mixed up.

I see and hear this a lot, even within the coaching industry.

we have to remember that our preference for extroversion or introversion is;

1) a preference

2) one facet of our personality along with many other personality traits.

Jung himself argued that it was rare for someone to conform to a single type and that matters were always complicated by people having other functions (auxiliary functions) and shadow personalities, which aren't always obvious.

I often hear people saying that introverts are all empaths. They aren't and extroverts can be empaths too.

People mix up introversion and extroversion with other traits so think only extroverts think big picture and introverts the detail - I'm an introvert who is a big picture thinker and extroverts can be detail people.

There are assumptions made that introverts don't like to be spontaneous - some do and some don't just like some extroverts are planners and some aren't.

As long as we remember that the definition of introversion and extroversion regarding personality types is really about energy then you can make it easier to understand.

Those with a preference towards introversion - turn their energy to the internal world and this is where they recharge their batteries. A bit like a robot who goes and plugs themselves in, to recharge in a cupboard.

Those with a preference towards extroversion - turn their energy towards the outer world and this is where they recharge their batteries. A bit like a robot who has a solar panel and the more they are outside in the sun, the more energised they feel.

Where do you go to recharge your batteries?

Love and Light

Haulwen x

Haulwen Nicholas

The Magical Mojo Coach, author of the book of Personality Tests and founder of the Magical Mojo Academy - Life coaching with a hint of witchery.

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