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Halloween special - A Ghost Story - no.1

Do you believe in ghosts?

It's Halloween season and I thought I'd share some ghost stories with you.

24th October 2002 was the day my brother, aged 30 , died. He had an operation 2 weeks previously and died of a pulmonary embolism caused by a DVT in his leg. My mom heard a thud and went upstairs and found him unconscious, and a nurse who was a neighbour rushed over to give CPR. He was pronounced dead in the local hospital. Thats the facts (a lot more to it than this but lets get into the story).

I remember that evening well. As I was travelling home from work I had my usual urge to go visit my mom and dad. As I came to the roundabout where I made the decision to turn left to my parents home or straight-on to my home, I paused. I was tired and I often had an instinct to go to my parents, my mom has chronic health issues and each time I went sure enough she was ill, but I was exhausted and I had decided I needed to sometimes not listen to me intuition to go home and put me first. To this day, I am glad I didn't go with my intuition. Me being there couldn't have saved my brothers life, and I would have had to witness the CPR and I am forever grateful for putting myself first.

When I got to my home I was tired, I wanted to rest, but I was restless and then I got the call. I was expecting it to be my mom being rushed into hospital again, and was surprised that it was my brother. At this point in my life I was living about 45 minutes away from my parents, about a 30 minute drive from my home to their local A&E, I still remember driving at speed with my husband calmly saying, "we need to get there in one piece too" - it felt odd going there because of my brother not my mom, though only the week before he'd been rushed in to hospital, with breathing difficulties and collapse. His conversation from the week before was going through my mind. He'd told me he was scared he was going to die and that he'd done a tarot reading and got The Tower, Death and The Hanger Man. He had looked like a scared little boy, which was rare these days as often his energy was in some dark unsavoury place and I mainly avoided spending much time with him.

I had assured him, that the cards don't literally mean death, but in my mind it did feel like he had a major change coming in his life.

As I drove towards the hospital the moon was full, with a circle around it, and there was also red blotches across the moon. I still remember looking up at it and saying to my husband "blood on the moon". Anyone who has watched Practical Magic will know the meaning of this, but it can be considered a portent of something bad about to happen. As I looked at the moon I was driving towards I suddenly took my foot of the accelerate, pulled into the slow lane and said "he's dead, no point rushing now".

We got to into the A&E unit about 10 minutes later and my Mom and dad said "he's gone! only about 10 minutes ago, but he's gone“ .

The coming weeks were a whirl as you can imagine and eventually he was buried, but it was a few weeks after this that the mischief began.

First it was my mom, she said she was seeing my brother and kept waking in the night to the sound of stones being thrown at the bedroom window, when she'd get up to look out the window he'd be staring at her with his big grin, just like he did when he had lost his keys in the past And then he’d just disappear.

At first dad and I put it down to grief, until dad took me to one side and said he'd got up in the night to look, he'd heard the stones too but had ignored them, but he had seen him too. However he had something else he wanted to discuss with me. Each morning when dad got up my brothers bedroom door was open and the smell of my brothers deodorant was wafting through it. Each day dad would close the door and would ensure it was closed before he went to bed. My dad is quite logical in many ways, so he removed all the deodorant cans in case the scent was leaking out. My brothers, bed linen and clothing had either been thrown away or washed and put away. Yet each morning the same thing would happen.

I still remember dad taking me to one side and saying to me " I don't understand what you do, but can you do something?" - now the way I work with my witchy ways is I look inside to feel if it is the right thing to do. And instinctively I knew exactly what was needed.

My brother often did tarot and I was taught by a tarot reader to always do some protection work before using the cards, and to keep your cards with some crystals, herbs to keep them clear of malignant energies. This was from a tarot card reader who told me that her cards said they belonged to me and she had gone quite pale as she'd never had such am message before. (that's a story for another time).

I know my brother dabbled in the use of his cards. I tend to use my oracle and other cards for everyday use and my tarot when I'm more focused. But with all I ensure my mind is clear before I ask my question. I knew my brother didn't and with this and the dark energy that surrounded him (I'll talk about these dark energies in a different story) I was sure that we need to find a way to clear the energies so he could be released, to where I do not know, but be released.

I did also use this as a bit of a scientific experiment. I may be a witch but I am a scientist too. I told dad I would look at what I could do, but I said I wouldn't tell him when I had done it.

I left it a little while as I needed the house to be empty and to know I wouldn't be disturbed. My first step was to find his tarot cards, some say cards should be buried with their reader, others say they must be passed on only with permission and if the cards are receptive. for me I knew the reader and cards had been separated abruptly and that they needed to be destroyed. I burnt the cards and ensured they were completely destroyed before starting a cleansing ritual.

I opened all the windows and doors to allow the energy to flow, but also I didn’t want my parents to smell the smoke, and I took a bunch of dried sage (a sage smudge stick) and smudged my brothers room. Saying these words:

Lord and Lady of the light

bless this house with all your might

take away the fear and pain

let this place be happy again

I then went through the house flicking salt water across the thresholds and into all the corners, just a few drops, not enough to be noticed reciting the same words until I had done every room.

I closed the windows and doors and left the house as I had done before I entered .

I didn’t expect to hear anything from my parents but my dad phoned me a few hours later, ‘have you been here? ‘ he asked ‘What makes you think I have been to yours?’ I replied. ‘Nothing, but he’s gone, I don’t know what you did and I don’t want to know, but he’s gone’

I don’t believe he told my mom, but when I next saw her she said my brother had stopped visiting and dad confirmed there had been no problems with the smell of deodorant or the door being open.

After that everything felt back to normal, but I also started to notice as time went on that the dark energy that in associated with my brother, which I would often feel and see around my moon, was going to, it very rare I see that darkness around her now.


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