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If YOU are tired of being tired and want to manage your energy for a more empowered life.

Then it is time for you to discover the Magical Mojo Academy, a place to:

  • Revolutionise Your Energy Mindset: Break free from fatigue and elevate your vitality.

  • Navigate your own personal development needs: Experience a transformative journey to unlock your full potential.

If you dream of living with more energy, reclaiming joy, and embracing a fulfilling life, the Magical Mojo Academy is the place for you.

I offer the guidance, support, and community to make it happen - at your pace.

Is it time for you to transform your energy mindset and overcome the barriers holding you back, empowering yourself to change the way you navigate life?

Ready to embark on this empowering adventure?


Join me Haulwen Nicholas, your energy mindset mentor in the Magical Mojo Academy today.

JOIN OTHER WISE WOMEN TODAY for daily journalling prompts, practical mindset strategies, accountability + Live Group Coaching every single month.

The Magical Mojo Academy 

Comprises of 3 elements:

1. An online journalling community

2. Bite-size coaching lessons

3. Monthly live coaching sessions 
Coffee Break

A journalling community

Welcome to the Magical Mojo Academy, where I'm here to help you transition from feeling exhausted to empowered!

It has three key elements in your continuous journey of personal development.

No 1 - a journalling community

Let's face it – sometimes finding the energy to sit down with a pen and journal to write down your thoughts can feel, like yet another task on your to-do list. Despite knowing the benefits of journaling, many of us struggle to make it a consistent practice. Sound familiar?

Well, I wanted to change that. The Magical Mojo Academy is here to provide the solution you've been searching for. We all tend to scroll through social media as part of our daily routine, so why not use that habit to our advantage? There is lots of evidence that when you piggyback a new habit on an existing one, you are more likely to continue. And that is why I have created a Facebook journalling community.

My Facebook group is the heart of the Magical Mojo Academy. Here, you'll discover a supportive journalling community where each day I'll share a fresh journalling prompt for you to explore. No need to worry about deciphering your own handwriting or finding the motivation to pick up a pen – simply share your thoughts in the comments.

But it doesn't stop there. My group is a safe space where you can engage in meaningful discussions with fellow wise women. Share your journal entries, offer support to others, and be inspired by the insights and experiences shared by the community. Together, we'll cultivate a daily journalling habit that not only enriches our own lives but also fosters connection and growth amongst us all.

Below is a list of why journalling to prompts can be a powerful tool for personal development, providing a structured and intentional approach to self-reflection. So if you don't already know, here are 10 reasons why journalling to prompts can be beneficial for personal growth:

  1. Focused Reflection: Prompts guide your thoughts towards specific topics or areas of your life, allowing for more focused and targeted reflection. This can help you gain deeper insights into your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

  2. Goal Clarification: Journaling prompts often encourage you to explore your goals, aspirations, and values. This process can lead to greater clarity about what you want to achieve in different aspects of your life.

  3. Self-Discovery: Writing in response to prompts can uncover aspects of yourself that you may not have consciously recognised. It's a journey of self-discovery, helping you understand your beliefs, fears, strengths, and weaknesses.

  4. Emotional Processing: Journaling provides a safe space to express and process your emotions. Writing about your feelings can help you make sense of them, reduce emotional distress, and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

  5. Problem Solving: Prompts often encourage you to analyse challenges and obstacles in your life. Writing about these issues can lead to creative problem-solving and the development of action plans to address them.

  6. Gratitude Practice: My journaling prompts focus on real gratitude, encouraging you to reflect on positive aspects of your life. This practice can shift your mindset, fostering a more positive outlook and enhancing overall well-being.

  7. Track Personal Growth: Journalling to prompts over time allows you to track your personal development journey. You can see how your perspectives, attitudes, and behaviours evolve, providing a tangible record of your growth.

  8. Stress Reduction: The act of writing can be therapeutic, helping to release pent-up emotions and reduce stress. Journalling prompts guide you to explore stressors and develop strategies for managing them effectively. 

  9. Enhanced Self-Awareness: Responding to prompts encourages you to delve deeper into your thoughts and feelings, increasing self-awareness. This awareness is crucial for making intentional choices and understanding the impact of your actions on your well-being.

  10. Daily Reflection Habit: Using prompts creates a structured routine for self-reflection. Establishing a daily journalling habit helps you stay connected with your goals, values, and emotions, fostering a continuous commitment to personal development.

Bite-size coaching lessons

No 2. - Bite-size coaching lessons

When you are tired, the last thing you want to do is spend a long time in front of a computer learning.

I imagine you want to relax in front of your favourite show, or read a book or relax in the bath. BUt what if you could still do that and and have access on your phone, your tablet or your computer to five-minute chunks of learning to boost your own personal development? 

Available as video, audio and in a written format I have taken traditional personal development and coaching techniques that can help you to navigate your exhaustion and made them accessible for you. Each month I'll upload a new topic and when I see themes coming out of the journalling prompts you make in the group, I can point you to the topic that will help too.

I know from my own personal experience, that taking control of your own personal development is a powerful decision that can lead to numerous benefits and a more fulfilling life.


Here are 10  reasons why you should actively engage in your own personal development:


1. Self-Discovery: This is at the heart of the Magical Mojo Academy, as everything we do will lead you here. Coaching, personal development and journalling encourage self-reflection, helping you understand your values, strengths, weaknesses, and passions. This self-discovery is the foundation for making informed life choices and understanding where you gain energy and lose energy.


2. Goal Achievement: Participating in personal development allows you to set and pursue meaningful goals. It provides the tools and mindset necessary to break down objectives into actionable steps, increasing the likelihood of success, thus stopping you from wasting time and energy on things not important to you.


3. Increased Self-Awareness: Taking control of personal development fosters self-awareness, enabling you to recognise and understand your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. This awareness is crucial for personal growth, building healthier relationships and setting boundaries.


4. Adaptability: Life is full of uncertainties and changes. Personal development equips you with the adaptability and resilience needed to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and thrive in different situations, however exhausting they are.


5. Enhanced Confidence: As you achieve personal milestones and witness your growth, your confidence naturally increases and so do your natural energy levels. Taking control of your development empowers you to face new challenges with a positive and assured mindset.


6. Improved Decision-Making: Decision fatigue is often one of the things that causes burnout in many people. Personal development often involves developing critical thinking skills. This improvement in decision-making allows you to make choices that align with your values, goals, and overall well-being.


7. Better Relationships: Understanding yourself and others is a key aspect of personal development. This knowledge contributes to improved communication, empathy, and overall relationship satisfaction, both personally and professionally. With it you can identify the relationships that drain you and energise you, thus setting appropriate boundaries or decluttering as necessary.


8. Health and Well-Being: Engaging in personal development often involves adopting healthier lifestyle choices. Whether it's through improved stress management, exercise, or better nutrition, taking control of your well-being is an integral part of personal growth.


9. Work satisfaction: Continuous personal development enhances your skills and knowledge, so you can recognise your worth in whatever work you do, and know when it is time to make a change. It can open up new opportunities for career advancement and professional success, whether that is in a traditional setting, self-employment or a path you make yourself. 


10. Life Satisfaction: Ultimately, taking control of your personal development leads to a more fulfilling and satisfying life. When you actively shape your own growth, you're more likely to experience a sense of purpose, fulfilment, vitality and overall happiness.


In essence, by taking the reins of your personal development, you empower yourself to lead a more intentional, purposeful, and rewarding life, which you can navigate in your own way. 


Monthly Live-video 
coaching sessions

No. 3 Live monthly coaching sessions


Each month I will host a live coaching session on the topic of the month in the Facebook group. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and I will answer them in the group call. 

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