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I am Haulwen Nicholas and I am an author and coach. I specialise in helping women who are tired of being tired to take control of the exhaustion and get empowered to change their life story. 

What do I do and how can I help you?

So what is the problem? 

You are tired all of the time and do not have the energy to make changes in your life that you would like to. You may feel stuck in a job, or a situation that is depleting you of energy. Over the last few years, you feel like the years whizz by and there is no change, just more and more exhaustion. Yet you still keep on going. Still, keep helping everyone else. Yet you yearn to pause and get off the planet for a while just to sleep and rest. 

If this sounds familiar you are not alone, we are in an exhaustion epidemic, everywhere you turn people are tired, they are burnt out, and they want a break from the relentless world that we live in.

And this is where I help.

I help you to find your comfort zone, as this is the place you recharge your batteries. Many women I speak to have no idea where their comfort zone is. They operate in a zone of compliance, doing what they feel they should do, or a constantly in a crisis zone. Some also get to the point where it's less exhausting to just be complacent about the situation. But the common factor when I peel back the layers is that they have no idea what energies them, they probably have an idea of what drains them of energy, but often I find things they never realised.

I can help in a couple of ways;

1) My Magical Mojo Academy which is a journalling and coaching community for women who want to rediscover themselves, to peel back the many masks that they wear to get back to their authentic self. When we operate in ways to please others it is depleting and draining, so I use personality tests, journalling prompts, and exercises to allow you to peel back those layers. And figure out which ones are draining and which ones are energising.

I teach you how to set boundaries and how to say no. How to ask for what you want and how to manage the self doubt. I help you to recognise where you are on the change curve so you can learn how to process your learnings. And I help you to learn how to focus on what's within your control and what is outside it. These are all in fun bite-size learning chunks so you can "dip in and out as you need".

Being in a community of like-minded women, you can find support and have access to a safe place to discuss your fears and share your ambitions, without judgement.

2) I also offer a course that is run a couple of times a year. It is included in the Magical Mojo Academy membership but can be purchased separately as well. This is my course The CARIAD Method® where I take women like you from exhausted to empowered. In it, I take you through this 6-step process over 6 weeks to help you find your comfort zone so you know how and where to rest. And your cosy zone is a place you go to heal. You can only really start to grow and challenge yourself if you set up these foundations. But it is something we need to come back to on a regular basis, to ensure you are recharging and rejuvenating your batteries in a way that is unique to you. 

3) 1:1 coaching sessions. Conducting an energy audit of your life so we can identify your energy drains and gains so you can get more balance. 

4) Day and weekend retreats to bring women to work together to reconnect with their true selves, within the group you will create your own story. 

Interested in regaining your energy then check out how to work with me HERE

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