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Myers Briggs and 16 Personalities

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ® - is one of the most famous personality type tests and was developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, a mother, and daughter who took the work of the psychologist Carl Jung and developed it into a more user-friendly system we know today.

It describes 8 personality preferences and 16 personality type combinations. They developed it to allow people to constructively understand themselves to become better empowered to make decisions about their own lives.

The four dimensions of type that were developed are;

Extraversion or Introversion - your preference for where you get or focus your energy.

Sensing or iNtuition - your preference for the kind of information you gather and trust.

Thinking or Feeling - your preference for making decisions

Judging or Perceiving - your preference for interacting with the world around you.

Now the thing to remember, and what you are taught in Myers Briggs training is that it is a preference, your comfort zone, you can work outside it, and over time you will become balanced, it is not about putting you in a fixed box, but this is your preference of how you operate. And there is no good or bad personality type.

I read somewhere recently that "of course there is a bad Myers-Briggs personality type, there has to be as where do murderers, etc come from?"

This is where people misunderstand personality types - it doesn't matter if you are an ENTJ or an ISFP you have other facets of your personality than just the ones mentioned in Myers Briggs and someone who commits a murder could be any of these personality types. And all personality types have shadow selves and ways they react under stress, which will differ from one person to another, but all ESTJ's will have a similar stress response, but it is still unique to the individual.

I am an INFP - that doesn't mean all INFP's dress the same, read the same books, and listen to the same music. We won't have the same values, but the values we do have we will feel strongly about. And it doesn't mean that all INFP's will like each other.

Personality types are there to help you to reconnect with you and remind you of your strengths and your opportunities for development. Used in the correct way they can really help people on their road to self-discovering.

Many people have since interpreted the 16-personalities in their own way and there are lots of free resources available for you to read.

Personality types can really help you on your journey to reconnect with your inner-wise.

To find out more about Myers Briggs go to -

or to take a free online quiz of a similar test try 16 Personality types

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line

Haulwen Nicholas

The Magical Mojo Coach,

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