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As January fades into memory we embrace a new beginning, a new month a turn in the seasons we enter into Imbolc a sabbat festival between the Winter Solstice (21st Dec) and the Vernal Equinox (20 - 21 March).

Imbolc is a time when life begins to awaken from its winter hibernation, it’s a time for preparing for the brighter, lighter warmer days that are soon to come.

This is a time to make new plans and when new ideas are planted, ready for fruition later in the year. It's a time for letting go of what we don't need, stuff, people, emotions, anything that is stopping us from moving forward. It's also a time to start thinking of what we'd like to welcome into our lives. What do you want to be different in the days ahead?

It doesn't matter if you have a particular faith or not, this is a time to daydream about what your future could hold. It's a time of contemplation and reconnecting with you.

Think of your rhythms, where are you now? Where do you want to be? Listen to that inner wise inside you and focus on what your mind, body and soul are saying, listen to your natural rhythms, listen to your intuition. Heal. Breathe. Love.

For you it may be a walk in nature, or reading a book by the fire - only you know what it is that heals and nourishes you and by stepping back and focusing on this you can lay the foundations for a bright new future.

We wouldn’t sign up for a marathon and not prepare for it and the same applies to all other aspects of your life. So use this as a time to prepare. Let go of any feelings of guilt for spending time doing this, as it is what will make you more attuned to your needs and desires.

Start looking for the signs of growth and opportunity. You will see them all around you. Embrace what feels right.

Find the things and embrace those things that let you light up inside. The more of us who shine our light the more we can help others to shine theirs too.

Release the negative emotions, the negative thoughts that you are holding onto from your past. Take a step each day in your own unique way to be whatever it is you want to be.

Imbolc blessings

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