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Diary of a Sensitive Soul -week 6- Inner Strength

We can really find empowerment when we let go of the past and let go of any difficulties that have been hampering our lives, our work , our relationships. 

If we can release the need to see ourselves as a victim, of holding onto the polarities of good and bad, right and wrong, we can access our own deep inner strength.

If we listen to our instincts, to our gut we can hear our true path and true meaning. And if we accept that everything happens for a reason and that both positive and negative things are there for us to learn from, then our strength can become an amazing power to behold.

This week my values of right and wrong were challenged by some people I was working with. Honesty, trust and authenticity are important to me and all were being challenged. I was angry, I was hurt, I felt incredibly sad that this relationship had got to this point. When I have a conversation with someone I have to go away and reflect before responding. So on the phone I can be incredibly polite even though I can feel the anger starting to boil. I often respond back in writing to ensure my voice is heard. I felt betrayed and used, but I know to step away. 

Was I taking this too personally? 

I reflected back over the coming hours to the conversation I'd had and I realised all that was happening was the universe was pointing me away from this route, which in my gut, I knew I needed to do. It was sucking time from what I love and it was another obstacle hampering my life and my work. In reality it was the last bit of my old life hanging onto me "for dear life". Yet on reflection the way this relationship had developed had not started off on the right footing, but the fundamentals of what these people will do is right there within my values to help others. Ironically I know I could make it a success but I also understand the amount of work involved and they don't seem to. So I'm stepping away.

This whole incident linked into my ego, limiting beliefs around money, confidence and my own capabilities. 

By letting it go, I can regain a deeper inner strength that will make my future blossom. The following morning, having shifted my mindset, 2 new opportunities burst into my life.

This feel like another lesson teaching me that I am the director of my own life, not others. I can look at life from a different perspective and see that I can create everything within me and around me. Whether that is confidence, self belief, relationships, my home, my work or money, it is all within my power. 

So today as I access my own inner strength I ask you to do the same. Whether you've been having a difficult time and feel that life has been unfair to you. Even if it may feel a struggle to carry on, please know that you can choose to release those feelings of resentment by imagining them floating away from you. 

Remember that you, the world around you is all perfect and now it's your time to love and forgive yourself so that you can create a new amazing future.

Tap into your infinite strength and be the director of your own destiny. 

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