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When Life is overwhelming...

Today I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with life.

It's a feeling I've lived with for a long time, however since I left my job in June this has not happened to me.

I was feeling in control, I felt I had traction and could see the future. I was irritatingly bright and perky. Now it feels like a fog has engulfed me and I'm struggling to wade through it.

What has caused this change?

Well, I think I am suffering from "clock change jet lag" and I wonder how many of you are feeling that sluggishness since the change at the weekend.

When I used to travel to Europe with work, that 1 hour time difference would completely mess me up, especially as they started work earlier than us, so often I was having to be in work 2 - 3 hours earlier than I was used to.

Now with this simple 1 hour change I feel fatigue and exhaustion. Its made me doubt my abilities, wonder if doing what I am doing is right or if I am absolutely insane to be setting up my own business.

This is when it's really important to know what recharges you, who you should interact with and who you should avoid, otherwise you can get taken deeper into the depths of that exhaustive fog.

This is something that I could probably have shaken off, however a night without sleep spent in hospital with a loved one has made my batteries run to rock bottom.

This morning was difficult. Those old pains that I have not felt for months creeping into my joints and bones. The feeling of lead in my veins and arteries. So today is about self care.

For me I need to wake slowly and now I have the luxury to do this. I know many of you don't. Though I am sure you have felt the same at some point in your life.

I find a warm bath with essentials oils helps. It slowly wakes up my aching muscles. I followed this with a hot shower to wash my hair. I then lay on the bed for 5 minutes. I have to do everything slowly.

I need to be hydrated so lots of herb teas and food that refresh and replenish. Foods that don't need to much energy to digest. I will read, I will rest and I will daydream. I need to allow my thoughts to scatter across the sky like clouds in the wind, until they neatly reorganise themselves and the feelings subside.

I know what I need to do to recharge. I know what I need to do to rest. I know who to avoid and where to go. But many of us don't and if we don't know we will burn out. Then we can't help anyone, least of all ourselves.

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