Hi, I am so pleased you are here to find out more about The Magical Mojo Coach.

Here within the safe confines of the Magical Mojo Academy, I help people like you to reconnect with your inner wise so that you can create a life full of magic wonder and learning so that you can heal your world. 

I'm here to be your guide along your own unique path to a life of success and of following your dreams.

Over my time as a coach, I have come to realise that until you reconnect with "WHO" you are you can't work on your What? your Why? or your How?

In The Magical Mojo Academy, I give you traditional coaching tools mixed with a hint of witchery to reconnect with your "WHO" your inner WISE, so that you can learn the skills to flourish in a world that can, quite frankly, be quite stressful, narcissistic and draining for those of us with a more gentle, empathetic and sensitive nature.

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you have been, or what you have done, the Magical Mojo Academy is a safe community with me as your guide to help with navigating the path you wish to follow.


I am a qualified aromatherapist, Myers Briggs® Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Timeline TherapyTM Practitioner. I mix these skills with my hint of witchery to make coaching more relatable to you.

What do I mean by witchery? It's about taping into your own unique power and not being afraid to be you. I'll talk about how to use crystals, herbs, oils, candles and other tools to enhance your coaching journey. 

As the wonderful Haus witch says

"Spells are just prayers or positive affirmations with props"

For those of us who need to physically "do" something as we learn, the "witchy' side aids in helping you to embrace these coaching techniques and making them your own. 

Want to learn more?


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1: Free Facebook Group -
The Mojo Coaching Club

A friendly free group to receive inspiration and tips around coaching with a hint of witchery.

2: Daily inspirational emails

Each day I send an email with a short inspirational message to help inspire your day. Also updates on blogs, news and information on the Magical Mojo Academy Membership.

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3: The Book Of Personality Tests

My first book The Book of Personality Tests is released on 15th September 2020.

This book pulls on my coaching knowledge and my fascination with personality type testing to give you 25 easy to score tests to reveal the real you.

Pre-order your copy at your local bookstore or at the links below.

 4: The Magical Mojo Academy

If you are looking for more help and support. Join the membership to get access to my specialist training and a community of like-minded people.

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Find out if you are an introvert or an extrovert by doing this short quiz?

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Hi, I'm Haulwen Nicholas aka the Magical Mojo Coach and founder of the Magical Mojo Academy and I'm here to inspire others to explore new information and possibilities and grow from the inside out.


I love cats, Dr Martens, walking in the rain, driving my Landrover Defender, fairy tales and everything witchy. 

Oh, I do identify as a witch, which basically means I do things my own way and I am forever curious and look for magic and wonder in the world every day.

I do like to have a balance of facts (I am a scientist) and a good mix of woo (my creative witchy side) to give a blended concoction of lessons I can share with others.

I'm an introverted, empathic, sensitive soul, a hippie, gipsy, fairy wytch and I use my journey of re-discovery to help others to start their journey too.

Also I'm an Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine and have featured in podcasts with Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association

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Looking for help to find your Who?

T o reconnect with your inner wise?

We can help. Join our membership to access;

Our Self- Discovery starter kit so you can see the steps you need to take on your journey to reconnect with your inner wise.

Specialist coaching and classes to guide you on your journey to help you to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations.

A friendly community of like-minded individuals who are taking their journey of re-discovery

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