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What limiting beliefs are holding you back?

Most people aren't even aware that they have any beliefs that hold them back. They often think things happen to them and don't believe they can change their story. They may have thoughts like "this is what we do here" "I'm not the sort of person who can do that" "I haven't done this or that or the other so I can't change my circumstances".

Well, I can tell you now you can change every aspect of your life without waiting for a lottery win, a magic wand, the fairies or a Prince or Princess to rescue you.

The first thing we have to remember is the only thing we can change in our lives is us. We cannot change the people around us, but when you change, you'll notice people change too.

I know that changing my limiting beliefs using NLP and Time Line Therapy TM Techniques, that this has changed the people around me.

Now I'm not stressed with life, my husband is more relaxed and happy in his job and so much more content. My parents are more positive, when I meet friends no longer do we whinge together about how crap our jobs are, in fact they say it's a job, it pays my bills and I'm thankful.

Since dealing with many limiting beliefs I've had, I have found so many opportunities land in my lap. As they say when you're self-employed your clients will find you, and they are.

Don't get me wrong, I am no way perfect and I doubt any self-help guru, coach, counsellor or psychologist is. We all have beliefs and thoughts that are not useful pop up in our heads, we just understand better how to deal with them and slowly have less of those moments.

Every person is born with the innate ability to do great things, yet over the years we lose that, words used in jest, words used in haste, words used in love and words used in hate can all have a long term impact on our belief systems.

Perhaps you grew up being told that work should be hard and not enjoyable, and because of that you never like your jobs and burn yourself out thinking if it isn't hard I'm not delivering.

Perhaps you were brought up with sayings such as "money doesn't grow on trees" "you have to work hard for money" "the rich are greedy" and now no matter what you earn you always seem to struggle.

Perhaps you've been brought up that unless you're married with kids by the time you're in your 30's, you're a failure in life. And it doesn't matter what an amazing career, house, life or achievements you've worked towards, none of them seem fulfilling due to these messages that have crept into your unconscious mind and now control your life.

Or perhaps there is a legacy or belief running through your family, that you can't be successful because thats not what your family does. These beliefs and ones like them can run through families for generations until they are stopped.

It may seem like you'll never escape these spirals of thoughts and beliefs which limit you in your life. Yet you can.

In Time Line Therapy TM, we can take you back to the first negative emotions of Anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt - to take the learnings from that moment (without reliving it, all these emotions first happen before the age of 3) and let go of the limiting emotions and thoughts associated to move your life forward.

In NLP (also known as the manual for your unconscious mind) we can help you to reframe significant events, to allow you to move forward with your life.

You can write your story, and reframe the story. This isn't looking at it through rose tinted glasses, this is about acknowledging the emotions relating to your story and the events within it and looking for how that event got you to where you are today, looking for the silver lining in even the most negative of circumstances. It might seem cruel and harsh, but I've done it with a number of trauma's that happened in my life.

What has happened in your past cannot be changed, but you can look at how you can see those events in a different light to make them work for you.

We can re-write every aspect of our story - whether its relationships, money, careers, fitness, health and love. We can't sure things that happened in your past, we can learn from them and find how they've helped you become the person you are today.

It's not an easy journey, but once you start it and embrace it, you will find those limiting beliefs start to crumble and blow away, that your life will change and you'll be able to steer it in the direction you want to go.

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