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Week 2 - Contemplate

Every week through 2019 I'll be discussing a phrase or word that I relate to self-care.

This week my words is to CONTEMPLATE

When was the last time you cleared your mind and contemplated?

The Oxford English dictionary defines contemplation as;

1) Look thoughtfully for a long time at.

2) Think about.

3) Think deeply and at length.

4) Have in view as a probable intention.

When we stop and look thoughtfully at something, think deeply it is easy to go into a space of mindful thinking without realising it, yet for many taking time to do this is often seen as "lazy" "selfish".

For every problem we have in our lives, for every question the answers already are within us, if only we will give our mind, body and soul the time to unravel and bring the answer to the fore.

When I have a need to contemplate life, to find the answers, I go to one of my special places. Sometimes it's sitting in the garden, or walking down to my local nature reserve into fairyland and down to the troll bridge to watch the water tumbling over the weir. The rustle in the trees, the caw of a raven, the sound of waves crashing on a beach or water tumbling over rocks and stones calm me. They calm my mind, my spirit and I feel my inner wise woman awaken. An energy surge and source of my own comes into me and the answers tumble out into my conscious mind like summer rain on parched grass.

Sometimes the revelations are outstanding and other times they are not, but it is something I need and crave if I don't do it.

This is essential for my wellbeing, for my self care, yet it is something I neglected for many years and with it my health deteriorated.

When was the last time you looked thoughtfully for a long time at something? Why not do it this week?

Take some time - go to a gallery and stare at some art, watch a squirrel in the park, sit and stare at the birds, or watch the sunset or sunrise on the skyline. Go out and stare at the stars or the moon. Just contemplate, just wonder and just see, hear and feel what comes to you.

We have all the answers within. Spend some time contemplating and bring calm to your life.

Bright Blessings


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