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Week 1-Be still

If you had to choose one word for 2019 what would that word be?

A word that sums up the life you want to have?

A word that distills your dreams into letters with meaning.

It may be more than one word, a sentence that will describe the world that you will live in.

Or it may be lots of different words - perhaps one for each month, for each day for each week, or just a number of words that resonate with you.

This week my words are TO BE STILL.

Being still doesn't mean being lazy it means being still, just as water will still in a pond but there may be running water underneath that needs slowing down. Just as a swan seems still and serene on the surface as it paddles away underneath.

Being still for me is allowing myself to sit and dream. To stare out of windows and watch the birds on the bird feeder or in the trees, to watch the cobweb gently moving on my ceiling from the heat of the radiator. To stare at the fairy lights on my Christmas tree (which will remain standing until I feel like taking it down).

Being still for me is long gentle walks in nature filling my heart with joy when I see a rainbow, sparkling frost, a Jay, goldfinches, hellebores in my garden, the first snowdrop, crocus and daffodil shoots.

Being still for me is long lazy baths in dead sea salts with my own choice of essential oils. Rosemary and Eucalyptus to invigorate, geranium and rose to relax.

Being still for me is resting when my body asks for it. Keeping warm on these cold days and eating warming foods that nourish and comfort - vegetarian chilli, hot creamy porridge, warming soups, nourishing herbal teas.

Being still for me is allowing myself to listen to my mind, body and souls wants and needs. But also to recognise the signs when something is wrong - aches and pains, that nagging doubt in my gut.

This week spend some time every day being still. How does it make you feel? What are you thinking?

Bright Blessings


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