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The blue butterfly - a wise woman's tale of awareness

The young woman sat on the bench, with a furrowed brow as she browsed her phone.

A ping and she checked a message, a ring and she answered a call.

So entwined in the hustle and bustle of the world she didn't notice the blue butterfly that landed on her arm and just waved it like she'd sensed an irritation but wasn't aware of what it was.

She continued hunched over her phone, typing with one thumb, whilst eating a sandwich which it was obvious she wasn't even aware she was eating.

She was so engrossed in this world of busyness she didn't notice the older wise woman who sat next to her. She didn't notice the presence of this wise woman, or the fact the grey skies were turning blue. She didn't notice the robin hopping around their feet that the woman was feeding with grain she had produced from her pocket. She didn't even notice when the wise woman said "hello".

Busy, busy, busy, in the hustle, bustle modern world of doing and not being.

But something was gnawing at her. a sensation she couldn't shake, she had things todo and didn't have time to acknowledge what this sensation was until a hand adorned with blue rings appeared over the screen of her phone.

She jolted back into the world and looked at this wise woman, about to ask her why she'd done it. She felt anger brewing inside her but the wise woman looked at here and merely pointed at the robin. The young woman paused and became aware of the robin and watched it pecking at the ground. She looked to her food and realised she had no recollection of eating it, she had no recollection of the taste or what she had eaten.

The wise woman just smiled at her and offered the young woman a slice of crisp apple. Without a word the young woman took it and placed it in her mouth. She felt her mouth fill with the sweet juices as she bit into the crisp texture. As she did she sighed and put her phone down and smiled, noticing the warm sunshine on her skin, the blue skies. She closed her eyes basking in this warm glow, allowing the troubles of the world to wash over her, and became aware of a sensation on her arm. A blue butterfly was resting upon it just sitting bathing in the sun as she was, and when she looked to the side of her the wise woman, all dressed in the same blue as this butterfly had gone.

When we stop being aware, we miss the magic and wonder in the world around us.

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