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The Art of Hibernation

Did we ever truly intend to be the busy worker bees that we have become?

Every year new technology is launched, that will help us, to give us more time, yet every year we feel more and more "out of sync" "overwhelmed" "exhausted". Slaves to technology to modern lighting, to a modern world.

Now the world has produced many miracles, which save lives, but now the main illness in the West, with the most sick days, is stress, exhaustion, tiredness.

We've lost our natural rhythms and patterns. Everything is immediate, we buy, we work, we spend, we buy ,we work ,we spend. We become soul-less "doings". We need to reconnect.

We need to reconnect with our cycles - the moon, the sun, the stars.

With the seasons, with the food, the weather, the light...

We need to recognise when in these points we need to slow down and when to speed up.

We need to know when to hibernate.

Not just in the winter months, but when is your hibernation time each day, when is your hibernation time each month?

We need to listen...

We need to feel...

We need to stop, to think...

We need to fall back in love with the beauty of life, love, the universe and we need to reconnect with ourselves.

Hibernation, stillness is all part of nature - look at a tree, a bird, a bear, a ladybird, a bee.

Each slows down and rests at some point during its cycle. They know when to stop, yet we, the most intelligent animals on the planet, we do not.

Stopping is the key to our own wellbeing and sanity. If we do not stop we cannot hear the screams and shouts from our inner wise woman who is telling us exactly what she needs.

So we need to learn how to hibernate and reconnect with life. By doing this we reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. We become beings again and stop just doing for "doing's sake".

Whether it's taking time to pause each month during our own monthly cycle or slowing down as the days get shorter. Practicing our own hibernation can really make a difference to each and every one of us.

Some of us will want to hibernate on our own, others with friends and family. Why not make it a ritual with your family to hibernate together each December and make this season about love and laughter.

Bright Blessings


PS below is my Dr Seuss moment!

In the winter months it's a time to slow down,

to snuggle, to cuddle, to huddle up tight,

and to listen to stories on cold winter nights.

More hours of darkness will make us more weary,

on days when the days can feel ever so dreary.

So find out a way, that makes you feel right,

And hibernate now for today or tonight.

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