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Role models

Who were your role models when you were growing up?

Pop stars? A teacher? a relative? a Sibling?

Do you remember?

Did you have one?

What about who are your role models now?

Is there anyone you relate to? Is there anyone who fills you with inspiration?

Often we look outside of ourselves to find something we think we want to be, yet often enough the role model we are really looking for is right in front of us facing us in the mirror. Yet we do sometimes need a measure, or some form of validation that that's what our goal is and with it I wonder if you've ever considered yourself to be a role model for others?

With the fast paced world we live in today I think those of us who are older need even more to be true to our selves, to show those who are growing up in the social media bubble that you can be authentic and true, that you can be you.

How are our young women in particular, but also men, supposed to know how to be true when even we in our middle years and older, don't have confidence to drop the mask and be our authentic selves?

I often talk about reconnecting with our inner wise woman (or man), the true self, but it can be truly scary to embrace that truth within you, but to then shine really really bright so that you can be a beacon for others can be terrifying. Yet for them, it could be the light at the end of the tunnel they have truly been looking for.

What if by you shining bright you could become that beacon, what if each of us could become a beacon for others, even if we also have one eye on our beacon of light, the one we see as our role model.

As I go through life and as I embrace my true self I want to be that beacon for others. I want to show young women in particular that you can be true to you and you can love life.

I love seeing people who are contented and happy, there are a couple of people I see regular who are in their early to mid 30's who are the most happy contented people I have met. They shine so bright without knowing it and with it have an amazing impact on the people around them.

I've met some amazing women in the last few months and chatted at length with them and each time I have one of those conversations it reminds me why I shouldn't dim my light for anyone, and that being true to me means I can actually be a role model for others.

Will you step up to the challenge?

I sat with my fairy god-daughter this week as she showed me the books she is reading and told me her passion to be a beautician and an author. She was wanting to choose one over another and I said "do both".

Now she is 12 I'm no longer talking to a child but a young woman in the making and I hope being the quirky, silver streaked hair, Dr Marten boot wearing, Landrover Defender driver woman that I am that it will show her being different is OK. But I'm also conscious she's about to hit the "horror years for young women" and I hope she doesn't loose herself.

We all can get lost with the societal expectations and this is where we need to find ourselves.

We cannot help others if we are not helping ourselves first and I know that for me self-care being my number one is what has turned my life around.

As I embrace my inner wise woman and listen to her gentle voice each day, I am true to me and with that true to the people around me.

So each day, pause and listen to your own role model, you, your inner wise woman.

Shine so bright that you blind those you don't wish to be seen by and those who wish to see you will just put on their sun glasses.

Be a lighthouse for others and follow your own light to your dreams.

Bright Blessings


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