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How to create time and space for your dreams

We all have dreams, aspirations, goals we'd like to achieve, yet often these slip to the bottom of the pile. The "should do's" the "pay the bills" the "others needs" often come first. The problem with this is that you will dim your light. Taking small steps towards our dreams is just as an important piece of self-care as going for a walk or eating something healthy.

If we let our dreams slip, and put everything else in the world first, then we lose our sparkle and with it our energy diminishes and illness and fatigue can seep in.

We all are victims of putting our dreams on hold for others but below are five steps to take today to make the time and room for your dreams;

  1. STOP - that's right the first thing I want you to do today is schedule 10 minutes into your diary this week to stop. In this time you are going to find a quiet place to sit and to rest, to dream, to daydream. It may feel selfish but this is always the first step. Don't do anything, just be in the moment. Feel the ground through your feet, look at the colours around you. Notice how your body feels, what you can see, what you can hear, what you can smell, what you can taste, what are the thoughts that pop in your head.

  2. REST - Schedule time to rest each day. I'm not talking about sleep, I am talking about stopping for 10 minutes each day to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Let your mind drift, let your body relax, this is 10 minutes a day to do nothing. We have lost the art of doing nothing yet it's so important for our mind, body, and inner wise to help the three stay connected.

  3. ASK - ask for help and guidance. That could be having a chat with your partner to look after the children for 10 minutes so you get time to yourself. It could be chatting with a friend who can hold you accountable, and you agree to do this together. It could be discussing with work some flexibility. It can be asking permission from yourself to have 10 minutes in the morning before everyone else wakes up to sit and do nothing. Or it could be asking for guidance from the universe, affirmation cards, or anywhere that feels comfortable to you.

  4. NO - setting boundaries is so important to giving you time. Other people will take and push your boundaries sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. Start to be more firm and stop cancelling your time for others.

  5. TIME - it cannot be bought, time once it has gone is gone forever, so setting a schedule so you know when you will have time for your dreams is really important. Linked with the above actions, it's important to give time for rest, for day dreaming, for planning and for action. However small those steps are, or the time you allocate, each will take you in the direction of your dreams.

Take your first step today towards your dreams.

Love and light


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