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Discovering your inner witch

I talk about finding your inner mojo and as a coach that is what I really want to help people to rediscover, but in reality I have a different name for that,"certain something" that makes me who I am. It's my inner witch.

Everyone will have a different term for that feeling you have inside that makes you unique. Some it will be their spirit, their soul, their mojo, their self and for me it's my inner witch.

We live in a world where we have so many rules we need to obey and ways we should conform that often we live behind a mask and do not embrace our self. That was me.

Since leaving my job to focus on my coaching and writing I have realised how important it is for me to really embrace my inner witch, to unlock my own natural gifts and abilities and use them to help others.

Now witch is an interesting word.

I asked a question across social media a few weeks ago and the word "witch" conjures up so much emotion, both positive and negative. I've always seen it as a positive word and over the last few weeks as I've been reviewing the responses I got, I wanted to explore why I felt it's the word for me and why its positive.

What I realise is that throughout my childhood and growing up to be an adult I always felt and still feel a bit on the outside of society looking in. I have often had very different interests to the people I work with and surround me and I know I have a strong set of beliefs and values which drive me forward in my life.

Throughout my life people have called me a witch, mostly in a positive way due to my empathic nature which means people will open up and tell me things they have never told others. I also have this weird, cat, dog and injured animal thing going on where they appear at my door or jump in my car even in a place I've never been before.

Over the last few months people I have only met for a few hours, have said, "Sorry, can I ask, this might be a bit weird and I've never asked it before of anyone, but are you a witch?"

OK I have white streaks at the front of my hair (it's actually because i'm going grey so its easier to manage and I am in discussions with my hairdresser the best time and way to go grey completely), I also do wear unusual clothing compared to others, but on asking people they say I have a certain "something" about me and I can see now it's my inner mojo, spirit, witch, soul etc showing more and more as I embrace who I am.

As a child I was drawn to books, stories about witches. I used to read the Misty annuals which were about witches and the supernatural. And even now I am drawn to books, and films of the same topic or about super hero's. On reflection I realise the reason I have always been drawn to such media is because they are the stories that represent women as strong.

Whether a witch is portrayed as "good or evil" - she is still portrayed as being strong. I don't do romance stories. It drives me mad when I'm reading a good book and suddenly they are running through a meadow looking into each others eyes. You can tell when I get to this part in a book, I start huffing and puffing and flicking the pages rapidly. If there are 100 vampires after you, and you are about to die, you are not going to go all gooey eyed - sorry I love my husband dearly but if my life was in danger I'd be screaming orders at him about what to do next, not kissing him.

Anyway, rant over.

So for me embracing my inner witch is embracing who I am. Embracing myself as a strong woman in control of her own destiny. Someone who takes no crap from anyone. Someone who cares for herself so she knows she has the energy to care for the people around her and to care for the environment around her too.

Its about embracing many things that we all do everyday. Where does science end and magic begin?

If you went back only 200 years and showed someone your mobile phone they'd accuse you of sorcery (Remember the last person in the UK to be tried for Witchcraft was in 1944 and the Witchcraft act was only repealed in 1951). Switching on your lights or central heating, driving a car all of this would have been seen as magic in the past.

Now, many of us will use positive affirmations, prayers, law of attraction to help us in our lives. Spells are exactly the same thing, some are just words like prayers, others use herbs, crystals or incense just as some religions do when they pray.

Many modern medicines are based on herbs which "witches" would have dispensed in the past - Asprin anyone? Based on salicylic acid which can be found in Willow bark. Digoxin is derived from Foxgloves and can help with congestive heart failure.

People were burned at the stake for being empathic and even now people can find those who are deeply empathic unnerving. People get scared about what they don't understand hence why so many intelligent strong women (and men) were burnt as witches.

What I have learned in my NLP & hypnosis training would certainly have been classed as witchcraft in the past. On my last course when we working with a pendulum doing the hypnosis training we had a surgeon who was in his 60's and it blew his mind. As he said, there is so much we don't yet understand about the human body and likewise there is so much we don't understand about the earth, the world, the universe around us.

So for me I will continue to call my certain something my inner witch and I'll embrace her more each day. As I do I become stronger and more confident and know I can help more people to do the same.

My inner witch is becoming my outer witch - that is I am a strong woman, I take ownership and accountability for my life, I will not sit around and wait for my dreams to be offered to me on a plate, I know I make my own dreams, I am there to help others and respect them, their culture and their needs. I'm aware of how small I am in the universe and I am grateful for everything around me. I adore nature and I'm ecologically aware. I know that everything is linked and I embrace science and I embrace "magic" as one, just the latter we do not yet understand.

Embracing my inner witch is about my own inner strength, resulting in the confidence to change my own circumstances and embracing my spiritual and ethical awareness. I don't just ask for help, I make positive moves to bring about the change I desire as only I can change my destiny. I do this, whilst being true to me, respecting others and the world around.

So how will you embrace your inner witch, your mojo, your soul, your self? How will you embrace you?

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