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Diary of a Sensitive Soul - week 9 Sunny days...

I have so many thing to write about and I was a little unsure what it should be this week, but thanks to Heather Duggan & Clare Cremona for inspiring me.

I have a confession, you know those days that lots of people like where it's scorching hot, there is no wind. I really don't like them. 

I like the wind. 

When it is perfectly still it doesn't feel right to me, my energy levels drop and I feel sluggish, I need a breeze, I need the air flowing around me. 

I love the rain, the movement of it, the way it feels on my skin, they way it nourishes the earth and allows those of us lucky enough to live in the UK to marvel at the greenery. Do you know that the UK is part of the rainforest of the southern hemisphere. 

 I used to travel for work a lot and spent quite a bit of time in Southern Germany in the summer, I hated it. No wind, no rain, no movement. The heat was unbearable.I'd get grouchy, feel sick, feel run down. 

This may be why I crave to live near the sea as then the chance of having no wind at all is slight. When I stand in the wind I feel like its power is filling me with energy. I love walking in the rain and it never puts me off going for a walk. I love the seasons and cold winters with snow and frost and ice. It is bliss.

But I also don't like extremes. Extremes of temperature as Heather mentioned in her blog, are not good for me. Cold brings on aches and pains linked to the CFS/M.E. I was diagnosed with. When its hot (anything above 22 degrees C) I feel uncomfortable and sweat profusely, can never get comfortable, my glands swell up and I feel "bleurgh".

I've been like this all my life and have only been to one hot country in their summer - Malta in June - as someone who finds it impossible to lie on a lounger doing nothing I really didn't enjoy it until we got to the evenings, then it was bliss. 

The current fabulous weather we've had in the UK has been lovely, but there have been some days where it was so hot and humid, I felt like the world had weighed me down and I couldn't do anything. Fortunately the wind is back and with it my lightness and my desire to do things.

Having these sensitivities to the environment around us is quite common in sensitive people, we have to recognise them and devise our own ways to work around them, but the first thing to do is notice.

Keep a diary of how you feel and what is happening with the weather. 

Although I love the rain, on dull grey days with no movement I think all of us can feel down. Hence my home is full of fairy lights and lamps so it always has a brightness about it on dull days.

 If you are a sensitive soul you'll notice how every slight change in the weather can impact you. But in some ways this is where we are more tuned in, and more linked to how we would have been, when we were living as wild animals. 

Watch any animal, bird, fish, insect or plant and they all react to the weather and their natural environment. 

As we have evolved as human beings we have lost this sensitivity, which in the past would have determined whether we lived or died. So use the #30dayswild to reconnect with the wild world around you, with the weather. 

What can you see? Notice the different shades of green?

 What can you hear? Listen to the call of the birds? Today I all I could hear was the chirping of fledgling blue tits and I watched them fly/falling through the trees. I have a couple of song thrushes who are competing for the best song. 

Feel the sun on your skin? How does it make you feel? 

What does rain feel like on your naked skin? Does it make you shiver? Is it pleasant or isn't it? 

When you feel the wind, feel its energy and power.

Notice the different smell of the air when the weather changes. The ozone smell when a storm is brewing. The smell of rain on hot ground "petrichor". 

Get in tune with the environment around you and notice what it does to your mood, use it to uplift you when down, recognise when stagnant air is making you feel stagnant and do something to move that energy - a shower, a walk, a dance to some fun music. 

Get in tune with the world and the world will tune in with you.

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