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Diary of a Sensitive Soul - Week 3

I don't know if it's the sunshine or just being outside for almost 12 hours yesterday, but I feel full of energy and life and ideas. I've had a truly amazing weekend, relaxing with my dear friend L and my hubby. I did lots of cooking, I'm a feeder, I made some hand cream from scratch, gave my friend a load of books she wanted, the charity she works with 3 bags of DVD's to sell, a coat for her daughter and a dress and a top for her. I felt happy and it was so nice seeing both L and my hubby relaxing and chilling out. By the end of the day they felt spaced out with relaxation, no drugs or alcohol needed, and both slept really well. And I felt so happy about this. 

It's OK to look after others as long as it isn't to the detriment of yourself. 

My friend was saying - run a cafe, a restaurant, make your hand creams, and pointing out in the bookshop today all the books I should write. I love her company and its always essential we have at least one friend where the relationship is balanced.

Being an empath friendships can be difficult - often it can feel like you are thrown on the scrap heap when the person has drained you dry, but if you find the right friendships they can support you to. L is a fellow introvert and comes to stay with me for some R&R time.

 I love the fact than when friends stay at my home they feel so comfortable they'll kick off their shoes, put on their PJ's and sit happily in a corner of the house or in the garden reading. The only disturbance is me occasionally asking if they want something to eat or drink or to go for a walk.

I've always had a dream of one day running a retreat from the large home that I will own one day, which will be near the sea or in the countryside away from others in Wales. In some ways I've dropped these dreams due to the exhaustion I often feel being around others, but actually I would like to do it. It wouldn't be open all the time, just certain times of the year. I see it as being a retreat for empath's, sensitive soul's and introverts. I'd have clear house rules for the extrovert empath's out there, as I'd want it to be a quiet reflective place, but even extroverts need some quiet time. I'd have lots of unusual little places dotted throughout my land for people to escape and read or just stare at nature. I'll have water close by - the sea, a river, a waterfall a lake etc and I'll have my own private woodland. I dream of have benches in hidden honeysuckle covered alcoves, gypsies caravans, small tents, hammocks and huts, swings for adults and a place for peace and contentment. Within this place I could run all the aspects of my business, my coaching, art, herbs, flower remedies, gardening, aromatherapy, writing and my love of nature and the environment. We'd have star gazing evenings and meals around a camp fire at night, an outdoor cinema in an old barn with old leather sofa's and a wood burner for heat. This is my dream.

This weekend I felt it right to my core how this will feel. What it will look like, what I will hear.

I feel like I have a real sense of purpose and content with life.

Being outdoors in nature (my garden and the lanes near my house) always energises me as does being in or near water. I love bodyboarding and swimming and this weekend I've thought of the times I've felt this content and magical. I'm noting it all down and reminding myself I can have the energy and life I want. I can be true to my empathic nature, without exhausting myself.

I can be me.

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