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Diary of a Sensitive Soul no 22 - The Mask of being Authentic

Authentic, I read somewhere recently it is one of the most over used words of this moment and I'm sure we've all read things about this, particularly if you're a business owner.

Be "authentic" that's what people are looking for and everywhere we go people put on the "authentic" smile. 

We've all fallen foul of it, I know I have, how do I be true and authentic but also be genuine and honest. When I try to be authentic I feel false and needy. 

How do I come across as me on social media channels that are all about showing the good times only?

It's hard, it's tiring and overwhelming, we put on one mask after another mask, trying to fit in at work, at school, with the neighbours, on here, trying to be something.


We fumble around lost, looking for answers to questions we don't even know flicking from social media, to the internet, to tv, back to social media. Sometimes we'll take a break read a magazine, read a book, looking and longing for answers that never come.

Looking for solutions to our problems, that never arise.

Hoping for a magic wand, something to make us into that something that is missing from our lives, though we have no idea what it is.


What if we don't really want to find that answer, does fear stop us? Or perhaps guilt at not being grateful for what you have now? Perhaps you dwell in sadness about what could have been? Or feel angry at your lot or perhaps hurt that others have over looked you?

It feels like your head is going to explode or contract or do something that defies the laws of physics.

You want out, you want to stop, to scream, to shout, for quiet, for reflection. Everything feels likes its tearing against each other. Should you laugh, or should you cry?

You try being grateful and think of people who are homeless, starving, in war torn countries, but it still doesn't stop that ache. That deep down ache that there is another way, there is another something, something authentic, true, genuine, pure.

Is it OK to want that amazing house, that nice car and nice clothes or should you want a simpler life? Being a roaring success is frowned upon in the media, and wow betide you have failure, success and then failure. 

Be mediocre, hide your face, stay behind the mask, be the SOMETHING, we're supposed to be.

Does this sound familiar? Does it resonate? Do you feel like you are silently being torn apart inside trying to figure it all out.

It doesn't matter your age, your gender, your religion, your race - it's a feeling of being shackled, trapped, drained, confined, OVERWHELMED and you want to break free.

Yet every one of us has the answers, every one of us has the power to be free, to grow, to love, to find that something.

Because that SOMETHING is SOMEBODY and that SOMEBODY is YOU.

Because you are awesome, amazing and when you peel back the mask of conformity you will find the sexiest, savviest, genuine, authentic, badass, who is roaring loud and quiet, gleaming brightly yet isn't glaring.

I call it the inner wise woman. I call mine my inner witch.

Because being authentic, being genuine, being true means you have to show the good side, thats the side everyone wants isn't it, but how many of you release the wicked side? How often is your genuine true inner vamp allowed out to play, because when you can show the dark with the light, the black with the white, the good and the bad, the demons and the angels, that's when you've truly found your POWER and that's when you can take control of your life, feel in control and ditch the overwhelm. 

That's when your inner SOMEBODY, your authentic genuine true self is really free.

Tell me how you're going to embrace your inner darkness and inner light. SHINE bright.

Bright Blessings


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