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Diary of a Sensitive Soul no. 15 -Everyday I discover a little bit more about me

Any of you who have been reading my blogs will know the journey of self-discovery I have been on. Since leaving my job to starting up my own business, every step has been another day of self-discovery and revelations about how I really want to operate in the world. How I really want to interact and how I really want to live.

Now, discovering how I recharge when I'm tired was a big thing and embracing my inner empath has helped a lot. Reconnecting with how I prefer to interact with the world has been amazing (Kinesthetic if you were wondering with a large dose of visual) and all this has helped me make better decisions about who I interact with and what I wear and what I do. But the hardest and most draining self-discovery has been about my values and beliefs i.e. whats important to me.

As an introvert I'm not a born talker, but as an introvert I am a born talker if its something I'm really passionate about, this can be my downfall when I get into social media discussions. 

I love helping people and as I wrote the objectives for my business it became very clear that the path I'm taking is right for me, but I keep being veered away from it.

Over the last 12-months I've listened to business advisors, coaches, people in the industry where I worked in the past, and got lots of you should do this, you should charge this, you should earn this. And my ideas "poo poo'd".

My ego loves the suggestions and loves the requests, but thats just the problem. It's my ego, an ego that has developed into the size of a small planet thinking thats how I should be.

I thought I'd let go of this, but I realised I'd allowed these constant voices, from other people, to cloud my judgement and its prevented me from moving forward in my journey of self-discovery and working about whats important to me.

And now its time to let go.

I've been doing a lot of work on myself, using techniques from Psychologies Magazine, from an online coaching platform I subscribe to and from writing my own coaching courses, as well as the Myers Briggs, NLP, Time Line Therapy and hypnotherapy that I'm trained in.

Last week I had a big revelation day, and afterwards, I was physically ill for about 24hrs.

And because of it I've made a big shift. It means I need to focus on what I love and reconnect with my values and beliefs. I'm reducing my time on one particular social media channel to help me (Linked In, I'm fed up of the elitist rubbish on there purported to be business news) and this means I can focus on what I love.

It's another step on my path and another step to being more connected to my values and beliefs.

Now the journey of self-discovery is continuous, we have always got the capacity to learn more, but we also have to remember that these journeys won't always go smoothly and when we're letting go of stuff it can be painful, it can be raw. It can make us question if this is the right thing to do. 

But it is. 

So for all of you amazing women out there, who are feeling lost, or going through the pain of self-discovery. Know you are not alone.

Know that there will be bumps in the road and slight detours, but once you learn to recognise the ego from your true self, then you can reconnect and listen to that inner something that makes you unique and move forward in your life. You can reconnect with whats important to you.

Keep going and we're all here to support you.


aka the Magical Mojo Coach

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