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Diary of a Sensitive Soul - introduction

I've always felt like I don't belong, that I'm different from everyone else. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. I often feel like I'm standing on the sidelines looking in on the world around me, watching it like a movie. Yet, I'm hyper-sensitive of other people's emotions & feelings. Sometimes this can feel totally overwhelming and I have to disappear to my comfort zone or get out into nature or one of my magical places to reconnect.

Because of this I like to live in my own inner world, a world I find easier to understand and control, but I also have had to learn how to cope with the world around me.

I've got it wrong many times and my sensitive empathic abilities I've found to be a curse as well as a gift. I can be so sensitive to others emotions that if I do not put up my protective barriers I absorb their emotions and can even reenact them and in some ways make them "mine". I've always found these situations terrifying, but often didn't realise what was happening until it was too late. And so, this has made me come across as inconsistent, perhaps slightly mad and in some ways I was.

All of us are brought up within institutions that make us conform, but when you're a sensitive soul this can be crushing not just mentally but physically. So for me, although I've developed my "masks" and techniques for surviving in this world, it is only in the last year that I've started to embrace my sensitive empathic gifts.

I can now see that by using my own experience I can help others.

Over the coming months and weeks, I'm going to share some of my own experiences and coping techniques in the hope that my story will inspire others to embrace their true self.

I know that I need to embrace and nurture my sensitivity, my intuitive powers and my empathy and now I can do that. I'm constantly looking for new ways and old ones, to nourish my inner self and strengthen my connection with my soul.

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