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Diary of a Sensitive Soul -18 - Synchronicity

I've spoken about this before , but this week something happened and the universe provided.

Whether it's looking for signs, experiencing "deja vu", or life synchronising in a way that one wouldn't think possible, we all have the ability to tap into our own inner wisdom to get the answers we need.

I've seen many posts and had many conversations  with people, particularly over the last couple of months, and for many they have had massive shifts in their lives. Some really positive and unforeseen, and others just knowing that something has changed and its all going to be all right.

I've felt this since I returned from my holiday to the Llyn Peninsula in June, the first time we had spent 2 weeks there. My dream house came up for sale on the mountain we stay on, and it has sold. If it's meant to be mine it will be there when the time is right. 

I finally figured out what I truly want to do on my businesses and have been busy beavering away on my Mojo Academyand my Packaging Academy. I've had lots of enquiries about me doing packaging training and advice with organisations and many I start in October 2018, but something still wasn't quite right.

I've dreamt for many years of having one of the cottages on the Llyn just for me, on my own for a few days and I was thinking of doing this off peak season when the cottage prices would be lower.

On my last visit I had a major "deja vu" experience, but it went beyond the normal "deja vu" to a whole few minutes where I felt like I was doing something here that I"d done before. It's the first time in the 8 years I've been going there that I'd gone for a walk on my own as my husband had hurt his ankle. I can still remember the feeling vividly, and it sounds slightly crazy, but I felt like I was not in walking clothes but a long skirt and was carrying a basket on my arm picking the wild thyme. In fact I was only walking, but for a few moments I wasn't sure what was real and what was this other weird thing going on. 

When I go to the Llyn I always feel like I'm going home, but the sensation I had back in June was something completely new. My scientific head will say it's a vivid imagination and I've always been skeptical about past lives etc, but this got me thinking. My scientific head also reminds me there is much we don't know and perhaps this is one of those things.

Anyway, last night, quite late, I got a text message from the owner of the cottage, that my husband and I will stay in on the Llyn in September. This particular cottage we haven't stayed in for over 12 months as it gets booked up really quickly. They wanted to let us know they'd stayed in the cottage for a month and had sorted the smell issue we had complained about (every time I stayed I noticed this drains smell, but no other guests ever reported it). They then said would we like the cottage for 1 extra week free of charge!

I read it 3 times before reading it out to my husband. Now he can't come as doesn't have any holidays left, but I am self-employed and I can change the couple of appointments I have for the extra week available. I've been dreaming of having time there on my own for years and hadn't been able to justify the expense or had enough holidays to do it. Only that day I'd been thinking about having a week there on my own to figure out that certain something in me that needs total alone time. I'm on my own all day, but have visitors, people calling me etc. This will allow me 4 days on my own, in a cottage in a lovely remote part of Wales for me to reconnect with me and figure out what it is that I need thats "niggling" me at the moment.

I'm now cramming 2 weeks of work into 1 to embrace this amazing opportunity. I'll admit the first thing I thought was "I can't". I did some journalling to figure out why I was saying this and it was fear raising its head. Having slept on it, I decided I had to take up this offer, I have to see where it's going to lead me. My husband will come along for the first weekend, travel home and then come back for the main holiday but can now come a day early.

I can spend 4 days in a magical place figuring out the answer to that something inside that's needing to get out.

I'll let you know how I get on, but I feel excitement as though I'm on the brink of something.

I can honestly say, that over the last 14 months I have had so many moments and opportunities presented to me by the universe. Previously I'd shunned them, probably out of fear, but now its time to embrace them, to not be fearful and take the next step on life's amazing journey.

So look out for those signs, embrace them and learn. They are leading you to the life you should have.

Bright Blessings


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