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Diary of a Sensitive Soul 16 - Balance

In the UK, when it comes to the weather, we've had a year of extremes - the beast from the East bringing snow and extreme cold and then a summer hotter than we've had for a long time. 

As the temperature drops to what is normal for the UK for this time of year, as the rain returns, it makes me think about balance.

The reason the UK is a lush green oasis is because it has a balance of sunshine and showers. We're not a country of real extremes of weather - not like other countries with their tornados, their extreme heat, their extreme cold, their monsoon seasons. No, we have quite a balanced weather system.

 Now how you actually see the UK weather will differ from person to person. If you focus on the sunny days, you will always feel there are more sunny days than rain. However if you focus on the rainy days you will equally think there is more rain days than sun. 

How we view our life and the world around us will impact our perspective and what happens to us. What we give out we receive back. A variation of these words have been used in ancient text such as the bible, Celtic religions, Buddhism and all the other major religions mention this as well, as every self-help guru that has lived.

But along with the what we give out we receive, is the whole thing about balance.

The sunshine and showers bring balance and bring growth and life to the plants, to the animals, to the soil, to the air and to the sea. Life and death is a balance. Day and night is a balance.

We as humans are often so disconnected from the natural world, we don't understand the nature of balance and sometimes we need to stop and remind ourselves of this.

Now balance is different for all of us - 

The extroverts need a balance of being with friends as they are recharged from the external, but they also do need some time alone not lots of time alone, but enough to bring perspective and balance.

The introverts need to spend time on their own, our modern work is hectic and for them it can be hard to get this alone time as the world is geared towards extroversion and being alone is often seen as a "bad thing" yet for an introvert it's an absolute essential. As much of an essential as the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Equally, its important for introverts to have those close friendships, with just one or two people who have similar interests who they can talk to all night. Introversion is not about being shy, when an introvert finds a like minded person who they can discuss their passions with, they can discuss for hours, as long as somewhere quiet and somewhere away from the distractions of the world. However, for many introverts its hard to find this person.

For those of you who are empaths or highly sensitive people then balance is even more crucial as overstimulation and over exposure to certain environments and people cannot only drain you physically, but also make you ill. Illness is often a sign of imbalance somewhere in a persons life. 

There are many areas of our life we need to create balance and if even one of these areas is off kilter then that imbalance can impact other areas of your life.

If you're looking for abundance financially, the rest of your life needs to be abundant too. Taking care of yourself, making love (even if its with yourselves ladies), exercise, having happy days, feeling loved. 

We also have to recognise that we have to have balance to really appreciate the amazing life we have. It's OK to have sad days, there is no expectation for you to be happy all the time, if you were then you wouldn't enjoy the happiness. The anger is balanced with love, the sadness is balanced laughter, the fear is balanced with courage, the hurt is balanced with healing, the guilt is balanced with forgiveness. 

Look at your life today - close your eyes. Watch the colours form under your eyelids, let them tell you where there is an imbalance in your mind, in your body, in your soul. Feel it, see it, listen for it and think about the imbalance in your life and how you can gain more balance.

Too much anger - look for love even if it's cuddling a puppy.

Too much sadness - laugh, watch a funny film.

Too much fear - find courage, do one small thing to find your courage, do something you'd not normally do.

Too much hurt - find a way to heal, a massage, a hot bath, a kiss, or make love.

Too much guilt - forgive yourself, forgive others - carrying guilt and resentment only impacts you. Write a letter to yourself to forgive you. 

Find that balance in your life and fall in love with everything around you and within you.

Have a magical week.

Bright Blessings

Haulwen x

The Magical Mojo Coach

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