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Diary of a Sensitive Soul - 11 - clarity& looking for the signs

May and June were interesting months for me. 

The 12 month anniversary of setting up my business, so lots to do for my end of year accounts, and also June's my birthday month and always the month of my main holiday of the year. I had so much planned for all my businesses, my blogs etc.

But I was struck down with technology failures. No phone line and intermittent broadband for over a month. This also means no mobile phone for me as I live in a place with poor phone reception unless I connect to my internet to make Wifi calls. In the end, I thought "fine, I'll catch up on holiday there's a phone and a broadband connection in my cottage". Even though I was a 2.5hr drive from home I had exactly the same issue, phoneline dead and intermittent broadband connection.

Sometimes in life, you have to stop and recognise when the universe or whatever it is, is sending you a message. The message being sent to me loud and clear was to STOP. Get off my computer and give myself a break. 

I spent my holiday chilling, walking and reading. There were no waves for bodyboarding, I did go for a swim, though most days it was too hot even to swim and walks were at 9 pm at night. It felt like everything was telling me to rest. And I did.

This rest gave me time to really reflect on the last 12 months of my business. It made me really think about what my plans are for the next 12 months, and I realised this had given me a sense of clarity I hadn't felt before.

When I left my job over a year ago, I didn't really know what I was going to do and the last 12 months have been a journey of self-discovery, self-development and self-care. There were lots of bumps on the way. Highs and lows, but all have got me to this place and I can now see my future very clearly. 

When people make life leaps there is an expectation that everyone knows exactly what they're going to do, and some people might, but being too rigid in your thoughts can mean you miss out on amazing opportunities to grow and develop. If' I'd been to rigid I'd have never become a Psychologies Ambassador.

I've learnt a lot of lesson, of what works and what doesn't, what work I like and what I don't, I've learnt lots of new amazing skills and with it I've gained a calmness of mind, body and spirit that I've never encountered before.

I focused on reading books on how to ditch limiting beliefs around money and my return from holiday, instead of jumping back into my businesses and doing what I'd done before I spent 1 whole week dedicated to money.

I have developed a range of trackers so now I know my Net Worth (I'm shocked it's a positive number!), I'm tracking my spending, looking at trends. This month was going to be the "tough" month, I've had moments of panic about how I'll pay the bills, those ones where you feel physically sick, but now I know how to stop. Step away, look at the bigger picture.

I'm giving money the respect it deserves instead of running away from it and burying my head in the sand and I feel empowered. 

I know how much my pensions are worth, I know exactly how much my credit card bills and loans are and instead of being scared to look at my bank account, I see it as a daily task and I now give gratitude for Blessings already received. On thursday I deduced it was going to be a day of money miracles. I checked all my documents with my accountants, and have discovered I have double the tax rebate I was expecting. It's such a nice big fat sum, I can live off it for about 5-6 months. Result! So this means I can focus on gaining clients I really want on the packaging side of my business and launching my Mojo Academy. I'm sure many of you will relate to how you can make poor decisions when carrying a financial burden. And its also highlighted to me how many people have issues around money, so i'm going to be adding this into my Mojo Academy agenda, as this is where people can really get stuck. 

I've not only taken care of my finances and developed systems and paperwork to make it easy to review, but also done the same for the main elements of my businesses. I have a 12 month plan for my free Mojo Coaching Club and know how I'm going to engage with my members and my subscribers to give them real help and value. 

I'm clear on my business it currently has 4 streams -1) packaging advice, consultancy and training, 2)coaching 3) writing & storytelling 4) selling my photography, printable's and where I'm an affiliate.

I know in the future I'll run my own lavender farm where I'll run retreats, and I'll have my own holiday lets.  

I now feel like I'm a proper business with goals and targets for the future.

At the time the lack of broadband and phone seemed like a curse, but its given me the space to breathe and look to the future, taking an eagles view of the world so I can move in the right direction.

So don't expect when you make a life leap to know exactly what it is you want from life. Stop, pause, listen and look for the signs, feel the instinct in your gut and go with it. You may travel down some overgrown paths, but in the end you will get to your destination, even if you're not sure on what it looks like.

Enjoy your journey.

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