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Blue Monday

Tips on shifting the January blues

It's January, and although the days are getting longer, it can still feel like the world is so dark. Even more so in a lockdown situation.

Many people are finding being at home and not interacting with the world is overwhelming. Anxiety and depression levels spike at this time of year normally but more so in this crisis.

You may be feeling trapped and many are finding that if they are working, work is intense and add in home schooling, looking after vulnerable relatives and the general doom and gloom in the world, no wonder everyone is feeling a bit down. (also, it feels a long time since last pay day for many people).

You'll be expecting me to tell you to focus on self-care, to go for a walk, have some "me time". but actually I want you to connect with your blue.

What does your blue look like - mine is like a blue gremlin, with a little pot belly, sulking in the corner and today I am asking my blue what does he need.

My blue normally wants food, drink and shopping - they are my blues addictions for getting out of sad times. (It helps to name your blue, I just call mine blue but you can give it any name you want.) -But what does my blue really want?

I actually know that yesterday my blue enjoyed arranging flowers, that my blue likes cat cuddles but also that my blue wants to be on its own just me and blue working through this time together.

Now I am an introvert so I know sometimes me and my blue just need some time and when we reconnect with each other and be true to ourselves then we feel better.

For those of you with a preference towards extroversion then your blue may need to talk it through with a friend - it's not the same on video, but make it fun, and talk to each other like your blues are chatting.

Sometimes we have to embrace the blue and understand it to come out of it.

Equally if your blue is dragging you down and everything feels hopeless or your blue is whizzing around like a Tasmanian devil then it may be time to seek help. With friends, family, your doctor. Reaching out in the a friendly Facebook group like Psychologies Life Leap group or contacting one of the many charities out there where you can get someone to talk to.

The first step is recognising your blue. When you name it, you can own it and you can control it.

Love and Light


The Magical Mojo Coach

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