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Beltane - May Day

Today, is 1st May, May Day or Beltane - it's a celebration of fertility, creativity, purification, growth. It's a time to reconnect with nature, with adventure and a time to make changes in your life as the full energy of life pops up in all living beings around us.

I'm reminded of growth and see this as a real turning point in the year as the flowers and leaves burst into life.

Each plant follows its own natural cycles and the genes within them have developed to recognise the change in day light and temperature so that they know when to flower, to grow and when to hibernate.

We as humans have forgotten these cycles of birth, growth and hibernation, and keep going not having time to recuperate, and rest, and review our life and learnings. That personal reflection time is essential for all of us to grow and develop, but often when we learn something that could really help us, we will be energised at that moment, but resume to sleepwalking through life so quickly, that soon we forget what we've learnt.

And then there is the knowledge we have that we take for granted. We assume that everyone has had the same privileges as us, the same opportunities for growth and learning, yet many have not.

When I developed my first coaching course I was worried I would not give enough knowledge, but the feedback was actually I was giving too much. I often have to pause and reflect. To remember that I have been on my journey of self-discovery for a long time and that I need to go back to basics to help others. It was a mindfulness retreat in Larg in Scotland this weekend that reminded me I have so much I can share and to "not worry" so much about if I'm giving enough.

I am.

There are many who'd love the support and knowledge the community I'm developing will offer. So this May Day, I push forward. Just like our forefathers & mothers I will drive forward and let go of the past, just as they would have driven their cattle through the Beltane bonfire flames, for fertility and to get rids of the mites!

I'll share my knowledge of self care from the aspects of coaching like Time Line Therapy, hypnotherapy and NLP. I'll help people rediscover themselves, as I did with Myers Briggs. I'll share self care techniques with aromatherapy, with herbs, with Bach flower remedies. I'll share the wisdom of my great gran mother who was the local "wise woman" the one you'd call to birth your wife or calf your cow. I'll share the knowledge of the past and of the future.

At this time of purification I'll declutter my mind and my home and release my knowledge and ideas to all. Remember, we all have so much to give, so much to share. Let this May be the time of change, of adventure and of sharing your knowledge and gifts.

Start your own path to self-discovery, reconnect with what you love, and share your knowledge to her others grow.

This Beltane start a new life that you will love.

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