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5 Magical Steps to rediscovering your Mojo

Isn't it funny how careless we often are with our mojo, misplacing it when life throws obstacles at us and then we struggle to find it again. It's just like when we loose the keys down the back of the sofa, we know where they are, we know where they should be, we know what they look like, but for the life of us we just can't find them.

So let's think about what you do to perhaps stop losing your keys. Do you have one of those little devices that responds to a whistle? Or one of the new Apple tracking devices you can attach and locate it with your phone (though if you are like me, my keys and phone have usually eloped together). We need to think of tricks we can use to find our mojo quickly and easily, as the longer its missing the more lost we can feel.

Follow this 5 step guide to rediscover your mojo;

1) Do a Free on line Personality Type Test - If you're reading this, I am guessing you probably like Personality Type tests. We can often be forever doing what we think we should do, and be who we think we should be, that we can forget who we are. And if we forget who we are, then we can't reconnect with our Mojo. When we do a personality type test its often not telling us something that we don't already know, just reminding us of who we are. Do your favourite one, read through the profile you may already have stored somewhere. Reconnect with strengths and recognise your areas for development.

2) Discover why you lost your mojo - what are the thing in your life that have drained you of your spark, that have caused you to dim your light? As your light dims its hard to find your mojo in the darkness. Do a quick energy audit. Who and what are the energy vampires that are sucking your light out of you? Release them or reduce them in your life. This is a must for your own health, whether that is mind, body or spirit. Now check who/what brings light and warmth into your life? Spend more time doing that. Do a regular checkin each month to ensure you have an energy surplus, as when you have an energy deficit, this is the time when your mojo can get lost.

3) Seek Magic and Wonder every day - perhaps keep a small diary in your pocket, or make notes on your phone, or take photos. Each day be on a mission to find at least one moment of magic and wonder. Slowly increase this until you start seeing magic and wonder everywhere. It can be anything that's magical to you - a rainbow, your favourite coffee from the cafe down the road, laughing with friends, the shape of a cloud, the smell of summer rain.

4) Reconnect with your inner witch - each of us is unique, each of us has our own path that is ours alone. It's time to stop following the crowd and connect with your inner wise, your inner witch. What are the things that make you feel truly you? How can you make your inner witch, more your outer truth? it could be as simple as a hair cut or wearing clothes that you feel more comfortable in. it could be saying no to things that you've always done and saying yes to something that gives you that tingle, that awakens the light within. It could be celebrating the cycles of the moon, and the seasons of the year, in your unique way. Whatever is right for you.

5) Believe in your dreams - we often look for recognition and approval from others. Yet they don't know what is best for you, they don't know what makes you tick. So today consider what you really want in life. Look for the signs, (mine is seeing Jays, Hares or Kingfishers - they remind me I am on the right path), listen to things that inspire you, feel your power. Know you have everything in you to make things work for you, if only you believe in yourself, be happy with what you already have and be forever kind.

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