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The CARIAD Method ®

an image of words on a green background, the words are floral and read The CARIAD Method ®
The CARIAD method ®

CARIAD - is a magical and beautiful Welsh word for love, beloved, and darling. - it has a deeper meaning than just love. It’s about a depth of love that cannot be described in words alone. It’s about how love makes you feel, what you see, and how you hear it. What does love smell like to you, what does it taste like, and what does love make you think?

They say that all you need is love, and it can heal the most depleted heart, the most depleted mind, the most depleted spirit, and the most depleted body.

You must start with loving yourselves; you have to start with knowing yourselves before you can replenish and nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Are you ready to fall in love with you?

What if you could love yourself like you love others?

What if you could love yourself like you love dancing in the summer rain, like chasing rainbows, like watching the moon and the stars, or like curling up and watching your favourite TV show eating chocolates?

It’s time to truly love you, and when you love yourself, you can nourish every layer of your being. You can love your mind and its beautiful intricacies. You can love your body for all its beautiful, imperfect flaws. You can love the spirit that you often keep hidden away from the prying eyes of the world.

When you’re depleted, it’s often because you’ve forgotten to love yourselves or you feel you are unworthy of love. You listen to the thoughts and words of your peers, your family, your friends and societal expectations and you continue to follow a path that wasn’t designed for you, but for others. It’s like clipping the wings of a bird and still expecting it to fly and soar.

You have to remember that in losing the connection to yourself that you don’t lose yourselves as such, you lose your connection to self and you bury it under layers of compliance, upbringing, “should do’s” and “What if’s”. Every time you add a layer, you lose your connection and become more depleted.

It’s a bit like when you move further away from your internet router, the signal gets weaker until it disconnects completely. When you disconnect there is something missing, and you don’t notice it for some time. Initially, things are slower and then it’s gone, and sometimes it can take a while to reconnect. Sometimes moving closer to what is important to you helps with that reconnection, just like if you move closer to the router. But sometimes the signal is still weak and like our WIFI router, you need to turn it off and on to allow a reset to reconnect to your authentic self and to be in love with who you truly are.

I have forgotten to love myself so many times it’s hard to keep count, yet I have acquired a deeper understanding of my needs and from it, I’ve devised The CARIAD method® to help me and to help you feel replenished and nourished during exhausting times.

The CARIAD Method® helps you to reconnect and reset. It helps you to find the true meaning of rest, nourishment, and rejuvenation, so you can thrive again.

It’s based on my own experiences of becoming disconnected from myself and becoming depleted. It's designed to be used to look at yourself as a magical holistic being whose mind, body and spirit are as unique as your fingerprint, your DNA or the iris of your eye. Let’s fall in love with you.

I’d like you to think of the CARIAD method® as a star within a circle. Some call this a pentacle, but for me it fits really well for the CARIAD method®.

The outer circle is your comfort zone and the inner pentagon is your cosy zone.

To create our comfort zone and inner cosy zone we need to work with the remaining parts of the CARIAD method® to balance our comfort zone, so it is ready to be expanded or retracted as we need to and to create our cosy zone as a place to heal.

C- Creating your unique comfort and cosy zones

A - Authentic Archetype

R - Real Gratitude

I - Inspired Intuition

A - Acceptance of me, myself and I.

D -Dedicated daydreaming

1: Creating your comfort and cosy zones

Step 1 – Creating your comfort and cosy zones - we need to create the ideal comfort & cosy zones for our mind, body and spirit to allow them to heal, and thus to thrive.

2: Authentic Archetypes

  • Step 2 – a journey of rediscovery to reconnect with our authentic archetype so we can learn to truly understand what makes us thrive and what drains us, mentally, physically and spiritually.

3: Real gratitude

  • Step 3 - how to truly express real gratitude, ditch the guilt gratitude of what we should be grateful for and really feel the gratitude, so that we know what is truly right for our mind, body and spirit.

4: Inspired Intuition

  • Step 4 – how to tap into our inspiration to inspire us and thus energise ourselves on a daily basis, so our mind, body and spirit can thrive, from our own internal resources. Often we do not need external energy angels, we have the power within us.

5: Acceptance of me, myself and I.

  • Step 5 – Acceptance of oneself is often the hardest lesson. But until we do this and accept our body, mind and spirit for all of our imperfections. We will always diminish our energy and feel drained of life and essence. This is so hard for many women and tits about a gradual step to acceptance.

6: Dedicated daydreaming

6 – Embracing the power of daydreaming to help us problem solve, and find solutions within. Daydreaming has been demonised and seen as a waste of time. We need to embrace it again as it's a way for our brains to provide solutions and energise.

Over the coming months, I'll talk more about the CARIAD method ® and the exhaustion epidemic and how to cope in depleting times.


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