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It's time to flourish when we feel depleted. My new journey as an energy mindset mentor

I haven't blogged for some time. I've been in a bit of a betwixt and between place since the Covid pandemic hit and really been trying to determine my true coaching niche. And I've been breathing into it, and slowly leaning into it since April last year when my Osteopath said to me a word that struck a cord. "Depleted" .

That one word took me back to my original coaching plan in 2017 when I was going to set up a fatigue fight club, but I had self doubt and didn't listen to myself but to others. So I put it to one side. But there was always a nag that being a 'life coach" or doing "life coaching with a hint of witchery" wasn't quite right for me, even though I loved what I was doing.

This time, instead of jumping straight in I took my time. I allowed myself to sit with this for a while. I started to draft my next book and with it I found my path.

My experience and my training has all led to this point. I am an Energy Mindset Mentor. 13 years living with chronic fatigue syndrome (whilst still working), living with debilitating endometriosis and adenomyosis, I know what it is to feel depleted, tired, exhausted and overwhelmed and I am here to really help and guide people out of the fatigue fog into a world where they can thrive in their own way.

I needed to spend some time sitting with this to see where my future would lie. And this feels so right, it feels like my calling to help people who are tired not just physically and mentally but spiritually too. I've developed my own method which I tested out in a retreat I ran in November 2022 and I was thrilled at the reaction I got from the ladies who attended. And I'll be using this method in further training which will be in the form of retreats, masterminds, 1:1 coaching and my membership.

It always takes us time to find our true north and now I have found mine I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, my ideas and my hints and tips with you.

Thank you all for sitting with me as I went silent for a while. I will occasionally go silent if the need arises to restore and replenish my mind, body and spirit, but know I am always here to be the light to guide you towards your guiding star and away from feeling depleted.

Let my new story and my new path commence.

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