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What energises you?

People are often surprised that I love to make. Everyone assumes I am the scientist, or I am someone who likes to learn. But these aren't the things that energise me, these are things i do out of necessity.

I relax and get lost in my own world when I cook, when I make herbal concoctions, when I plant up pots in my garden, when I arrange flowers from the flower show, when I rearrange my house. I really relax and zone out when writing my books - a slightly different form of making, but I love the process and my husband has to remind me to eat and drink.

I love to take things such as old clothes and turn them into something new, or change them to make them unique. I really want to learn to sew to make my own clothes and to embroider to make my current clothes unique.

I also like to guide people and coach them, but often I take existing forms of coaching and make them into my own. This give me energy and this is what I love. But I know it's not for everyone.

My husband likes to learn for learning's sake and will deep dive into also sorts of topics for pure pleasure. It's what gives him energy. Whereas the things i do won't give him energy.

We are all different and have something different about us that lights us up. Now I love making but it means I also like making in any role I have had and working in the packaging industry for years this means making innovative packaging ideas, I love the innovation side but rarely had chance to delve into it as i was labelled the scientist. I love looking at ways to make things easier, but again I'm never used for this as seen as the scientist. And I love to develop training and watching people grow and flourish. I was put into boxes I didn't want to be so a wilted and left the roles I was in as I wasn't being used for my natural gifts.

From an early age we are put into a box and told we should do one thing, but we are human and are multifaceted. We forget this and with it we depleted people. Putting them working in a zone of compliance that they feel they should do and should be grateful for.

What do you love to do? What makes you sparkle?

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