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Trusting the signs

I've had a quiet summer, and I've been taking things slowly. Listening to the requests of my mind, body and spirt, for slow time. I know the time will come when I can push forward, but for now I take it easy.

Yesterday I had a day off. First a visit to my GP surgery for a review on my asthma, (I'll discuss this in my next blog), as I walked down the corridor the nurse I was seeing stopped by a door and entered, by this door was a painting I'd never noticed before of a kingfisher. I paused, kingfishers are my water spirit creature.

I spent over 30 minutes with the nurse practitioner, we discussed my asthma, my fatigue, my post COVID symptoms and we discussed my career as an energy mindset mentor helping women who are tired of being tired and my future book. She was impressed with my knowledge not just mentally but physically and said we needed more people like me in the world, talking to businesses and to individuals so we can reduce the stress in the world and with it reduce health complaints.

I left feeling elated. One because I'd been listened too, which is often a rare thing for anyone with underlying health issues, but also knowing what I wish to do in the world is needed.

After this I went out for the day with my husband. There is a town near me where there is an old fashioned taxidermist shop. Many of you will find this quite squeamish, but I do find it fascinating. They don't kill animals for taxidermy like they did in the past, but the animals on show are either roadkill or from rescue centres. In the window was a kingfisher, my second of the day. But along with the kingfisher there were 7 individual Jay's (why there were so many Jays I do not know). Jays are my Air spirit creature. So again more signs for me to follow.

We browsed the shops in this town and in one there were images of Hares everywhere. My earth spirit creature. And in another shop lots of dragons, but not your normal fluffy welsh dragons that you'd expect in a Welsh tourist town, but carved wooden dragons. Dragons are my fire spirit creature.

We continued to wander, and I felt a heighten sense of awareness with so many signs coming to me that day. I entered a small clothes shop and in it found a beautiful kimono with a hare on the back, I had to have it. As I purchased it the lady who ran the shop got talking to me, as I'd chosen the long one she was intrigued where I'd wear it and I explained i worked from home. From there our conversation grew asking what I did for a living and I explained about my book the Book of Personality tests, and also my energy mindset coaching and mentoring. We talked for a long time, and by the time I'd left she had my card so she could contact me to ask how she could work with me. Again I felt like I'd been given another sign I am heading in the right direction.

As I work from home, I don't see many people and when I do and talk of my work with people and see the looks on their faces, I remind myself of why I need to do this and why I need to pursue this dream.

Whenever I get signs like this it makes me stop and reflect, to think of what it's telling me, and connect with my own inner knowing to take the steps to the future. I know it's time to listen to my gut instinct, my intuition, to look at where it will take me and who it will link me with. Yet often we over look these signs and with it we overlook our own needs.

This day made me reflect on how I want to carve out even more time for my future, for the life that I wish to lead in full. A life where I can help many. From the conversations I had it reminded me that the book i am writing is needed by so many and I need to write a version for children and teenagers too, as the path to burnout and tiredness and fatigue now starts in schools too.

These things may not happen overnight, but each one of these signs says yes, I should continue and yes I can take each small step in my own unique way to get my message out there.

So I ask a question of you? When did you last look for the signs? When did you pause and take note of the world around you, the people you meet. Who's path has crossed yours and made you think, yes there is another way.

Take time out today to pause, to reflect and to look for the signs.

Reach out to someone who has made you stop and think. Find a way to engage in a path that suits you, even if only with small steps.

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