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Six new moon magical steps to a home you are really grateful for

Our home is our sanctuary, our home is where we should feel comfortable and cosy. Our home is where we should feel safe and be really grateful. However its often easy to focus on the negatives of our homes and not the positives, so today use the new moon energy to focus on how you can be truly grateful for your home:

  1. Stand in a room and notice 3 things in the room you love (if you live with someone ask each of them what 3 things they love)

  2. Now notice 3 things that you don't love (if you live with someone, ask each of them what 3 things they don't love)

  3. How do you want this room to look - the colour, the light, lived in or minimalistic etc etc. (ask those you live with too)

  4. How do you want this room to feel - a living room you may want to feel calm and cosy and a kitchen bright and lively. What's right for you and those you live?

  5. How do you want this room to be used - homework for the kids, reading, watching tv, study etc. and ask those you live with too.

  6. Everyday between now and the next full moon do one thing to make this room more what you want it to be - this might be decluttering, cleaning, tidying. adding some plants. changing the furnishing. Painting and decorating. Or just moving things around.

Make this room the room you are most grateful for, a safe cosy zone away from the world.

Repeat on every new moon for every room in your home. Do one room each time.

Sunshine wishes


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