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Once in a blue moon

The 31st August 2023 is a blue moon, a blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in a month.

Often people only think of being really grateful of things and noticing the good things in life, once in a blue moon. When we do this we overlook so much magic and wonder in our worlds, its no wonder we end up focusing on the negatives.

This week of the blue moon I want you to focus on an area of you life that you are struggling with;

if its money - focus on what you have not what you don't have. Focus on what debts have given you - a holiday, an operation. think of the positives and what you've gained from it. Thank your debts for the opportunity and then make one small step perhaps an extra £10 a month towards paying them and each time say thank you.

With health issues it can be harder, but consider who you have met and brought love in to your life because of them. Perhaps your health has prevented you doing something but opened you to doing something else. It's interesting to see articles that say often the people with terminal illnesses are the most grateful as they realise how short life is, Find little things to be grateful for.

Be in the moment not an imaginary future. And look for magic and wonder, love and laughter everyday.

Sunshine wishes


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