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How to maintain real gratitude

Somedays it is hard. It feels like everything is against us. The weather, the traffic, the news, our computers, our work, our health, etc.

It can be hard to be really grateful for things when it feels like you are living in a nightmare, but the thing that keeps us going and the things that give a tiny light at the end of a dark tunnel is hope. And real gratitude gives us real hope.

Each day this week when you find life is hard, think of the thing that is hard and you perhaps hate, resent or dislike in your life. Now think of three things you love, that you like, that make you smile.

Perhaps it's an email or message from someone that is rude. Do not respond. Pause, step away and look out and up to the sky. Focus on a cloud if there are any, if not imagine a cloud taking the bad feelings away.

Now look around you or imagine three things that make you smile. A flower, the colour of the sky, a photo of your pets. They can be simple things. Focus on these until your emotions calm before determining if you need to respond.

You can do this for many things. Sometimes we will need to deal with the negatives in the world, but the positives give us direction. They are like a north star keeping you focused on your values and beliefs. Let the positives be your compass in negative times.

Sunshine Wishes


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