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Five steps to developing your intuition

Intuition, a knowing inside you to make a decision in one direction or another. It's innate in all human beings yet like many things, we are taught from an early age not to listen to it and focus on logic instead.

It's funny how we dismiss anything that hasn't got scientific evidence behind it, even if it's something we have been doing for millennia. Yet intuition is still something we don't understand fully in a scientific way.

Most people do not trust their intuition, yet often it's telling us exactly what we need, everything we need to know is within us and our intuition is something we need to embrace and develop.

Below are 5 steps you can take to developing your intuition;

1) Do you know when your intuition is trying to deliver a message to you? You may have been dismissing it for so long that you are not even sure how to listen to your intuition. Perhaps for you you see an image in your mind, or you feel it in your stomach. Perhaps you hear a voice in your head that feels separate to you. Perhaps your emotions get turned upside down for no reason at all. Spend this month noticing such sensations.

2) Write down your dreams and spend some time journaling on them to see if your unconscious mind is helping to point you in the right direction.

3) Be present and be mindful of everything you do in life. Note your surroundings, the colours, the smells, the sounds, etc and notice how the surroundings make you feel. Doing this can help develop intuition, by providing the unconscious with more information to inform decisions.

4) Keep a journal with you during the day and make a note of any gut feelings, or hunches you get. You can then use this as a reference to check in with later to see if these were helpful or not.

5) Make some time each day to pause and tap into your intuition. If you have an important decision to make you may want to do this a few times in a day or dedicate some time to reflect. I find going for a walk releases my intuition, but do what feels right for you to allow the answers to flow naturally, without over analysing.

I'd love to hear from you if this has helped in anyway.

You can share your thoughts on this in my Facebook group - The Mojo Coaching club or on my Facebook page Haulwen Nicholas Energy Mindset Mentor.

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