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Five steps to being really grateful

Five simple steps to being really grateful:

Each day think of one new thing you love and do the following;

  1. What do you see - really describe it, the colours, the shape, the size.

  2. What do you hear - notice all the sounds or lack of sounds

  3. What does it feel like to touch - perhaps you cannot touch but you can imagine,

  4. What does it smell like - or doesn't smell like. If it has no smell what's the smell you imagine.

  5. How does it make you feel and where in your body do you feel these sensations.

Now sit with these feelings and notice your thoughts and feelings. Is this something you are truly grateful for?

An example:

I am sitting at the above bench outside my favourite house. I can see the lavender growing in the garden and its scent is wafting through the air, I can see the view across the valley with the river snaking through the fields below. The sky is blue with white fluffy clouds, I imagine they feel like a goose down duvet, all fluffy and light. I can hear the birds chirping in the trees and the wind rustling the leaves. It's a gentle breeze and it feels like a warm kiss on my cheek, the sun is shining on my back and I feel warm inside. I can hear no man-made sounds, just nature. I can feel my heart beating gently, my breath slow and steady as a warmth engulfs me and I feel at bliss.

At this moment I am feeling real gratitude. It clears my thoughts, my worries, It makes me still. And I have clarity and energy to make things happen in my life.

Now you can write this down, or record it into a mobile phone. Or just think these things.

You only need 1 minute. This is how to do real gratitude.

Sunshine Wishes

Haulwen xx

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