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Catching yourself...

Catching your thoughts, catching your emotions before they explode into the world is something we have to learn.

In the summer of 2023 I had a severe bout of anxiety and depression. It rolled over me like angry waves in stormy seas. Dark, grey, foreboding. I felt like there was a pressure building up inside me that made me want to flee, fight or freeze in the terror of it all. Yet to everyone around I looked serene. Because I was.

I watched these emotions almost like they were a film on a big screen. I was aware of these emotions, these feelings were happening in my mind. I was aware of the sweaty palms, the rapid heart beat in my body. And I remained aware. I allowed these emotions to continue and in my awareness I was able to detach my mind and body from my spirit and see them for what they were. A hormonal imbalance in my mind and body, due to my peri-menopause.

I am fortunate to work for myself so I could take time out, walk gently, eat well and I could let these negative emotions appear and disappear. I did not in any way try to suppress them.

At one point I cried and let the tears stream down my face. and then I let them go. I let my fears appear and then disappear. I was aware of all sorts of feelings of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, sweeping over me, and I was aware of them coming and going. And I breathed and I was aware.

Sitting with these negative emotions was tiring and draining. But I knew this wasn't my mind and body, it wasn't me. And that allowed me to accept and acknowledge myself and be with me.

My coaching training over the years has given me the tools to do this, but I know of times previous to my training where I allowed this to happen, but then I didn't fully understand what it was that was happening.

Now I can separate my thoughts, and just be. By doing this I was able to navigate this tricky moment in my life to last a few days, but without the skills and tools to understand this, it is easy to either suppress these emotions or release them on the world which is not good for anyone.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can become more aware then do message me

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