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Awareness of me, myself and I

Have you ever heard the tales of people receiving enlightenment?

Often you'll hear of intrepid trips around the world, or to remote places, Buddhist retreats or people who join other religious establishments.. It sounds like something that is only available to an elite few, yet it is in the grasp of all of us.

We all are aware, but due to a life busy with living, with stuff we rarely have chance to acknowledge, never mind being aware, it's this awareness that can really help us to connect to our comfort zone, to our true calling and to a calmness that we can only dream of.

When we tap into our awareness everything is possible. It can help us lead a way out of the dark tunnels of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. It can help us to lead us away from our worries and find bliss in this moment and the little things.

It's about accepting ourselves for who we are and recognising that we have the capability of making our lives magical.

It's understanding how our thoughts create feelings and how those feelings will match precisely the experience we have of the world around us. Our true nature is to look for magic, wonder and awe. It's to have positive good feelings.

In my Time Line Therapy training it is said we have experienced all negative emotions by the time we are 3 years old. And some of those negative emotions may have been felt in the womb, or even in a previous life which could be passed down from generation to generation or a completely different life to the one we have now.

When we experience the negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt we are aware and enlightened, when we can realise that this emotion is not being caused by an outside person or circumstance, but it is already inside you. When we believe a negative feeling is who we are, we give it more power. Suppressed negative feelings need an outlet or they can build up and consume us and we can forget we are built for happiness. We are built for magic and wonder. We are built for loving life.

With awareness we can be at peace with these feelings and we can feel them appear and disappear. When you are aware of them coming and going, you don't have to react, you can just let them be.

This enlightenment and awareness of yourself means you have the power within you to change how you feel in any given moment. It means instead of expecting people, circumstances and events to change to make you feel better, you can do this. It's all an inside job.

It's not about pushing down and suppressing these negative feelings. This doesn't help. You need to be aware of the feeling, recognise it's a pattern and let it go. And its an ongoing process for ever, but when you gain this awareness of yourself the power is in your hands.

Positive feelings are effortless, but negative feelings need a huge amount of energy to maintain them and this is depleting.

Be aware and accepting of yourself. Let the negativity flow and the positivity become your natural state.

If you want to learn more about how to let go of these negative feelings, feel free to message me about my coaching

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