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Hello and welcome

Hi, I am so pleased you are here to find out more about The Magical Mojo Mentor.

I am Haulwen Nicholas - author of The Book of Personality Tests - energy mindset mentor, witch, wild woman, introvert, entrepreneur, cat mom, lover of puddles, splashing about in rivers, the great outdoors, frosty mornings, autumn leaves, books, and anything magic and wonder.

Oh, and I love cheese.... 

I am your Energy Mindset Mentor helping women who feel depleted to regain their energy to live the life of their dreams.

We are living in an exhaustion epidemic and everywhere I turn I can see that people are tired. Not yet burnt out, but thoroughly worn out and they don't know why. This is where I can help. I have lived with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 2010 but continued to work in a high level role for 7 years before becoming self employed in 2017. 


During my training to become a coach and mentor, I was able to tap into the knowledge I'd been taught as part of my Myers Briggs and NLP training, along with my own personal journey to develop methods and techniques for helping women who feel depleted.


Now I offer 1 to 1 sessions, my Magical Mojo Academy membership and Magical Mojo retreats to teach you the CARIAD method I have devised to retrain your energy mindset to gain more energy in your life.


What would you do with more energy?


Launch a business,

Play with your children,

Start exercising.

Get promoted.


What does lack of energy prevent you from doing? 



Haulwen standing in a river in a red dress laughing
HA pair of red Dr Marten Boots sticking out from under a golden coloured tulle skirt - sat on a car


So what do I do?

Haulwen wearing a bronze coloured top with a braid in her hair stood in front of a brick wall

I am your Energy Mindset Mentor and I can help you to learn the techniques to take you from depleted to replenished.

I do this in a number of ways:

  • lots of free content, via my blogs, emails and social media. (I will be launching a new podcast soon called the Magical Mojo Show, so watch this space for more news)

  • every so often I open my doors and offer 1: 1 Energy mindset mentoring

  • In 2022 my first Depleted to replenished Magical Mojo 1 day retreat is taking place, here near my home on the Magical Wales/Shropshire borderlands.

  • I have my Magical Mojo Academy.

  • and launching soon my Depleted to Replenished online training course.


I help women like you to understand their energy mindset and how this impacts your relationship with rest, recuperation and replenishment.

I help you to create a comfort zone for you to recharge in, and support you in identifying what is your comfort zone versus your complacent zone (very different things which society can mix up).

During my mentorship I hear of so many women recognising they don't even know what their comfort zone is, hence they are constantly in a place of depletion heading for or having multiple instances of burnout. 

I work with you to find the techniques that are unique to you to replenish your mind, your body and your spirit.

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Magical ways you can work with me

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1: Free Facebook Group -

The Mojo Coaching Club

A friendly free group to receive inspiration and tips around energy mindset

2: Daily Inspirational Emails

Each day I send an email with a short inspirational message to help inspire your day, plus weekly coaching hints and tips.


Also updates on blogs, news and information on my offers.

Front cover of the book of personality tests
Green square with a white envelope drawn in it and the word email underneath

3: The Book Of Personality Tests

This is my first book and it was featured in the NETFLIX series The Baby-Sitters Club. (Series 2 Episode 2), its available in 14 different languages and has sold over 45,000 copies worldwide in 2 years.

I see it as a gateway book to personality tests. 

Get your copy at your local bookstore or at the links below.

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 4: The Magical Mojo Academy

If you are looking for more help and support.


Join my online membership to get access to my specialist training and a community of like-minded people.

a piece of purple paper, where it is torn back to show the word coaching

6. Magical Mojo Retreats

In 2022 I'll be launching my first Magical Mojo Retreats. Based near my home on the Shropshire/ North Wales borders, these will be magical retreats for you to learn my CARIAD method to gain more energy in your life.

a mock up of a polaroid with image of Haulwen, some hearts and the words Magical Mojo Academy

5. 1:1 Intuitive Coaching 

I have a limited number of 1:1 coaching spaces come up each year, if you are interested in working one to one with me. Follow the link below to find out more.

Group of women stood in a circle all looking down with their hands overlapped in the centre
pink square saying gift vouchers in pink text with pink and green flowers surrounding it.

7. Gift Vouchers

If you are looking to give a treat to a friend, or wanting to live hints to your loved ones for gifts. Then why not check out my Gift vouchers. These can be used to purchase any of my services and can be in any quantity you requrie

Haulwen sat in a red dress on the banks of a river, her bare feet in the water, staring out towards

Find out if you are an introvert or an extrovert

by doing this short quiz?

Haulwen sat on bank of a river, her bare feet in the water, wearing a red dress, holding a stone

Hi, I'm Haulwen Nicholas aka the Magical Mojo Mentor (formerly the Mojo Coach and the Magical Mojo Coach) and founder of the Magical Mojo Academy and I'm here to inspire others to explore new information and possibilities and grow from the inside out.


I love cats, Dr Martens, walking in the rain, driving my Landrover Defender, fairy tales and everything witchy. 

Oh, I do identify as a witch, which basically means I do things my own way and I am forever curious and look for magic and wonder in the world every day.

I do like to have a balance of facts (I am a scientist) and a good mix of woo (my creative witchy side) to give a blended concoction of lessons I can share with others.

I'm an introverted, empathic, sensitive soul, a hippie, gipsy, fairy wytch and I use my journey of re-discovery to help others to start their journey too.

I'm an Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine and have featured in podcasts with Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association and magazines such as Soulacy, Natural Health, Health & Wellbeing, Spirit & Destiny, Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit to name but a few.

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