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Hi,I'm Haulwen,

I am your energy mindset mentor, coach, and author, specialising in empowering women who are fed up with fatigue.


Discover the secrets to managing your energy, reclaiming vitality, and rediscovering the joy in your passions.

My courses and book have already guided numerous individuals to deeper self-understanding, so they can set boundaries and understand what drains them of energy and what energies them. And I can help you too.

If you want to elevate your energy mindset to navigate the peaks and troughs of your energy levels, join my online coaching program, the Magical Mojo Academy coaching membership, where you will learn to:


  • Uncover Energy Drains and Gains: - Identify what's sapping your energy and what fuels your vitality

  • Master Your Mindset and Set Boundaries: -Take control of your thoughts and establish healthy limits

  • Stop Negative Habits and Self-Sabotage: - Free yourself from behaviours hindering your well-being

  • Establish a Daily Journaling Habit: - Cultivate self-reflection and awareness. 

  • Feel Empowered and Ready to Live More: -Embrace a life filled with empowerment and readiness.

  • Join Other Wise Women in a Supportive Community: - Navigate your mindset alongside a community of wise women.

Together, We'll Navigate Your Energy Levels and collaborate to elevate your energy for a more empowered and fulfilling life.


Ready to embark on this empowering adventure? Join us now.


Hi, I am  Haulwen Nicholas author of The Book of Personality Tests (Quarto, 2020) which has been published in 17 languages across the world. 

Let me tell you about my book and scroll down to find out more about me.

In September 2020 my book was published by Wellfleet Press, part of Quarto, in the UK and US, and then in 16 other languages across the world, with over 65,000 copies out in the market across all territories.


It was even seen on screen in the Netflix series The Babysitters Club in the summer of 2022!

From the 'Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" and "16 Personalities" to the fun quizzes telling us what colour or spirit animal we are, we all have an endless fascination with finding out more about who we are and what makes us tick.

Beautifully illustrated and put into everyday language, The Book of Personality Tests includes:

  • 25 classic and modern personality profiling models

  • brief introductions to the origin of each test

  • detailed analyses and interpretations of the results

  • a deeper understanding of what drives one based on his/her/their personality

  • a path to discovering core traits about yourself, such as leadership style, management skills, emotional intelligence, money skills, love languages and more!

The Book of Personality Tests provides a serious and lasting resource for individuals, couples, families, friends and colleagues alike.

Available from all good bookstores;


Bulgarian (no image)








Hungarian (no image),

Korean (no image),

Norwegian (no image) 





Spanish (no image),

Swedish (no image),


Some book reviews

"Love this book, even better than expected. High quality illustrations and very interesting quizzes, lots of content, and links to further quizzes on websites at the back. Learnt a lot about myself and others from this and fun to do! Great present for someone too."

Holly Cheale Amazon review

book news


A new book is in progress.

I will update you soon.

Plant Shadow

The Book of Personality Tests


Who am I?

Haulwen wearing a bronze coloured top with a braid in her hair stood in front of a brick wall

Rest is as essential
as the water we drink
and the air we breathe
Rest is productive

I am Haulwen Nicholas, a dedicated author and coach, specialising in personality types, energy mindset, and guiding women from exhaustion to empowerment. I live in the magical Welsh borderlands, where I share my home with my husband and two feline health and wellbeing officers, Saffy and Seren.

An introvert by nature, I find solace in solitary moments, allowing me to recharge and harness the inspiration that fuels my passions. Writing, reading, coaching, and sharing wisdom are the threads that weave the tapestry of my life. I see myself as a weaver of knowledge who can transform the complicated into simple strands, as I know how hard it is to process anything when you are exhausted.

For over 25 years, I have dedicated my professional life to environmental sustainability, advising on packaging and its impact on our world. Leading teams ranging from 1 to 25 people, my commitment to positive change extended beyond my professional sphere and to the people in my teams whom I coached. It was my last corporate role that my team members suggested I become a coach, which is where my coaching journey started in 2017.

Burnout after 7 years of holding down a high-level corporate job in the food and drink industry, whilst managing my chronic fatigue, adenomyosis and endometriosis diagnosis, led me to embark on my journey of self-discovery. I founded my business Haulwen Ltd to channel my passions for writing, coaching, and training.


With a degree in Environmental Biology, a Diploma in Packaging Technology, and a Diploma in Aromatherapy and Body Massage. As well as being a qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner, NLP coach, and Time Line Therapy® practitioner, I've honed my skills to set up a successful company that has two distinct strands, that overlap more times than I thought could be possible.


I offer packaging training and advice via my Packaging Oracle services.


My true calling since 2017 though, is for my coaching, writing and training to guide individuals towards personal transformation. During this time, I have developed my own developmental process called The CARIAD Method® to help you find your comfort zone to recharge your batteries and your cosy zone to heal. 


I've also been an Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine and actively helped manage their Psychologies Life Leap Club a group on Facebook. I have also founded The Magical Mojo Academy—a community empowering wise women through journaling, coaching, and support during times of exhaustion.

My expertise has graced the pages of Women and Home Feel Good You, Top Santé, Psychologies, Natural Health, Health and Wellbeing, Soulacy, Spirit & Destiny, and Soul & Spirit magazines. Local newspapers and BBC Radio Shropshire have also shared my insights. My book, "The Book of Personality Tests," even made its mark on Netflix.

Passionate about making coaching accessible, I offer affordable options through books, online memberships, and coaching programs, and my free Facebook group and online resources.


I do offer 1:1 coaching on request to a limited amount of people each year. I occasionally host day and weekend retreats to help women go from empowered to exhausted. I regularly work with my local bookshop Booka in Oswestry to do talks on my current book and personal development in general.


I now offer talks and interviews on the exhaustion epidemic and how to manage it, as well as speaking out about living with chronic fatigue, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and perimenopause. 


I desire to extend my talks to organisations and businesses, guiding them in supporting their exhausted workforces through challenging times.

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