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Welcome to the Magical Mojo Academy


Join the Magical Mojo Academy today for a limited time at an introductory 

rate for only £11.99 per month







(These prices are fixed for as long as you are a member and as long as the

membership is open and remember you can leave at any time, there is no contract)


So that’s the price what do you get for that?

Well, I need to take you on a journey…


The Magical Mojo Academy is Life coaching, personal development training that

you can access whenever you want to help with all aspects of your life, the

difference being is I do it with a hint of witchery.


Intrigued, then let me tell you a story…


Have you ever watched the film the Wizard of Oz? 


In it we start the story with Dorothy - she’s in a black and white world, where it feels like everything is going wrong, she doesn’t fit in, she feels lost and doesn’t know how to make things right.


As everything reaches its peak she is taken up into the tornado her thoughts overwhelmed with everything she thinks she has or hasn’t done, until she comes crashing down her only friend her trusty dog Toto.


Do you feel like this? Feel a bit lost? Not sure where to turn? Things don’t feel right? But you just can’t put your finger on it? Perhaps you feel like you can never do or be what you want to be? Perhaps you feel like the world is against you? Perhaps you just want to get off the merry go around and stop. Pause. Find a different way. But somehow you have no idea where to start?


Does any of this resonate? 


Do you feel like Dorothy? 


Do you long to open a door onto a brighter world, full of magic and wonder? A world that feels right for you? A world where you can shine your light and be true and authentic to yourself?


I want you to imagine that as you are reading this you are Dorothy (or Toto) and this is you opening that door of that little house to see the bright techno colour world of Oz for the first time.


As you step out of the door I want you to start seeing the magic and wonder in the world around you. And as you see the legs sticking out from under your house imagine that’s the self-doubt, the old self that you are leaving behind. 


This is only the beginning… and look at me as your Glinda the Good Witch of the South (admittedly I don’t wear pink that often, but you get my gist) - I am here to be your guide and provide you with the tools to start to follow your own yellow brick road.


Each of you will take a different route and along the way, in the Magical Mojo Academy community, you will meet new friends, ones who are looking for a brain, for a heart, for courage and for most of you looking for home.


Because that’s what I will do...


I will guide you to your own home, to reconnect with your inner wise, your inner witch, your spirit, your soul, your self - whatever you care to call it. 

And when you reconnect you’ll rediscover your mojo, your life purpose and find the spark within you to make the changes to create a life that is right for you.


I’ll use traditional coaching techniques such as personality types to help you to reconnect with your comfort zone so you know where to gain the energy to do what you want to do. 




I’ll throw in a bit of witchery too…


So if you’re the sort of person who has bought a crystal because you thought it was pretty, but was also curious about the fact it could give you protection, then I can guide you in little hints and tips to make your life more magical.


If you are the sort of person who wants to be different, but in your way, perhaps with people knowing but perhaps without? 


Then I can guide you too.


And if you are someone who likes a fairytale and secretly wants to live in a magical world - well I’ll let you in on the secret…


You already do and I’ll help you to see it in its true techno colour glory.


You don’t have to believe in magic, you don’t have to believe in yourself at this point - all you need to do is want to and we can start the journey together to a magical new you.


So start your yellow brick road journey today. 


I’ll guide you to the Emerald City and beyond. I’ll be there to point you in the right direction and most of all I’ll be there to cheer you on as you realise that all the answers were within you all along, you just need the magic key to unlock your truth, your heart, your desire your inner wise.


I’m looking forward to meeting you on the other side.


Start your magical journey today as a founding member and you will get;


A monthly coaching bundle to help you with self-discovery, self-development and self-care. All with a hint of witchery.


Advice on how to sync with your natural cycles and the cycles of the moon and the seasons, along with other witchy hints and tips.


A monthly coaching call for everyone to ask questions in our bespoke Face book group.


Sign up with this limited-time introductory rate now.

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