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The Magical Mojo Retreat


The Magical Mojo Retreat

Welcome to the waitlist for the Magical Mojo Retreat.

I am so excited that you have shown an interest in this and I'll be sharing updates very soon.

It's been my dream for so many years to hold this retreat, but the stars aligned and the ideal location came to me when I wasn't looking for it. I held my first retreat in November 2022 and it was an amazing success, I can't wait to run my next one. 

The aim is to hold this retreat in Overton on Dee at a beautiful old house a short walk from the river. It's a village near my own home and my childhood home, so it's a special place for me. I can't wait to share it with you. 

The retreat is for women who are looking to reconnect with their inner wise, their inner witch, those who really want to make strides and move forward in their life and accomplish their dreams.

I'll be asking you to leave your proverbial masks at the door (we'll determine COVID restrictions closer to the time), meaning all the roles that you perform - mother, daughter, sister, whatever your job is, so we can focus on reconnecting with your truth.

With personality tests, guided meditations, vision bookwork, and much more, we'll be peeling back your layers to reconnect with who you truly are. Because when you connect with your inner wise, your light will shine brightly and everything will come to you, as it should.

I'll send you a regular update on progress and may ask you some questions too, but I am really excited and I will do a happy dance every time one of you signs up.

Love and light and sunshine wishes

Haulwen x

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