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Hi, there I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Haulwen founder of Haulwen Ltd. 

I formed this company in 2017 when I left my corporate career to set up my own business. To be honest I had many ideas and wanted to give them all a try which is why I formed Haulwen Ltd. (some great advantages of having an unusual name its easy to just use that for your company name).

 Haulwen is a welsh name which means Sunshine.

I live on the North Shropshire/Welsh borders with my husband Steve and my cats Seren and Saffy.

I love walking in nature, reading, writing, gardening and looking for magic and wonder in everything, everyday.

I've always been passionate about making a difference and my career in packaging with my knowledge in environmental biology has led me to work in a variety of roles where I can make a real difference. These include working for major brands - Muller, Dairy Crest, Nice-Pak International and packaging company Wipak as well as working for WRAP (The Waste Resource Action Programme). Since 2017 I have supported a number of SME's with packaging advice and I'm pleased to be one of the lead consultants on the CEFLEX initative (looking at how we can make flexible plastic films circular).

I now offer Adhoc packaging consultancy to companies of all sizes, including offers for entrepreneurs and startups and my Small Business Packaging Academy is the ideal place for organisations who can't justify a packaging team can find all the documentation and fact sheets they need to make the right packaging decisions and choices.

Over my career, I have managed a number of teams from 1 up to 24 people. I've always enjoyed coaching people and used Myers Briggs throughout my career as a technique to help others. In 2017 I trained as a practitioner and also in NLP to allow me to coach both teams and individuals. 

That same year I became an Ambassador for the best selling UK magazine Psychologies, where I blog regularly on a variety of coaching topics. 

I have always had a strong interest in alternative therapies and practices, where I get the opportunity to release my "inner witch" to be true to myself.  Now with this and the traditional coaching techniques I am trained in, I help people to create their own path by reconnecting them with magic, wonder and learning so that they can heal their own lives. 

I'm also a writer, writing children's books, though my first book to get published is related to my coaching and comes out in September 2020.

In my spare time I volunteer for a lottery-funded organisation The Three Parish Big Local, which helps to improve the lives and communiy that I live in. 

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